Do You Need Treatment?

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Do you have a problem with your Xanax prescription?

Do you need a Xanax rehab program to help you stop taking your medication safely and stop the problems that the drug is creating in your life? If you’re taking Xanax to treat anxiety or panic disorder, it can be difficult to tell when the medication is causing more harm than good. Even if it’s continuing to help you deal with the panic attacks, it may be causing a slew of other problems on its own. How do you know when it’s time to seek Xanax addiction treatment?

When you develop a tolerance to your Xanax prescription and require more and more of the drug just to get through the day, you’re on the road to needing Xanax addiction treatment. Though some people can slowly step down their medication with a doctor’s supervision, many who are struggling with a panic disorder or anxiety disorder will feel unable to function without the drug.

This psychological dependence, in addition to a physical addiction, can be the issue that creates the need for Xanax rehab.

Here are a few more problems that can signify that it’s time for you to seek Xanax detox and addiction treatment.

Health Issues

Though Xanax is a legitimate medication, it is also a toxic substance.

Taking large amounts of the drug regularly can harshly affect your health. Liver and kidney function often begin to fail due to the overload as it’s impossible for those systems to efficiently process large amounts of toxic substances without eventually starting to break down. Liver disease, kidney failure – there are a number of health problems that can result due to Xanax addiction.

Additionally, because you as the patient ultimately control how much of the pill you take every day, there is always a risk of overdose. Those who are abusing the drug may inadvertently take doses too close together, abuse the pills by crushing them before ingesting them or overwhelm their systems by mixing Xanax with other drugs of abuse, including alcohol.

Relationship Problem

Has your spouse expressed concern about the toll your Xanax prescription is taking? Do your best friends tell you that you seem different since you began using Xanax? Do your coworkers and neighbors seem more distant? These reactions by people you care about and respect are significant indicators that you have developed a Xanax addiction that requires treatment. Because they are more objective than you are and spend a great deal of time with you, they are better able to recognize the changes that occur due to your prescription – and likely to let you know. Don’t brush off the concerns of others or get defensive when others suggest that your Xanax isn’t doing what it should in your life. Instead, consider what they have to say and recognize that they may be in a better position than you are to adequately judge the changes caused by your Xanax prescription and use.

Financial Factors

Xanax costs a great deal of money, both at the pharmacy and in lost productivity at work. Many living under the influence of Xanax find it difficult to get to work in the morning and, as a result, are often late or don’t come in at all. Poor performance at work, missed deadlines, missed phone calls, missed conferences – many end up losing their jobs when Xanax continues to cause problems at work.

The bills add up, credit cards are maxed out, homes are lost to foreclosure and Xanax addiction continues untreated.

Legal Problems

Those who abuse Xanax by fraudulently getting a second prescription for the drug or by buying pills illegally on the street will often find themselves under arrest and in front of judge. Bad choices made under the influence – like driving while impaired or neglecting children – will have a similar result. The legal repercussions for illegal activity in pursuit of maintaining a Xanax addiction or as a result of behavior under the influence can be costly both financially and emotionally.

Court costs, legal fees, lost work, high stress – none of this helps heal the initial anxiety disorder or panic disorder for which you received the Xanax prescription and none of it helps you to fight your Xanax addiction.

If You Need Treatment, Call Now

Don’t wait until you have lost everything to your Xanax addiction. If you are living with a dependence on your prescription, call now to find a Xanax drug  rehab that can help you fight your addiction and get your life back on track.


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