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Wyoming currently ranks 18th in the nation for DUI-related traffic deaths. With the state government in Cheyenne deciding to hand out stiffer DUI penalties, officials are hoping to deter people from driving drunk.

Sadly, many individuals who are stopped for DUI are repeat offenders. Across the nation, approximately large-4 columns of drunk driving problems comes from repeat offenders – almost 2 million people who have three or more drunk driving offenses. Revoking their licenses is no solution either because an estimated 50 to 75 percent continue to drive despite the lack of a license.

The Real Problem

Drunk driving is a serious problem, but the root of the problem is the chronic abuse of alcohol. If you suspect that someone you know in Cheyenne may be suffering from alcohol abuse, here are some signs to look for:

  • Loss of control. Drinking more than desired, for longer periods. Risky behavior.
  • Desire to stop, inability to follow through. A persistent desire to stop drinking, but not being successful.
  • Neglecting important activities. Spending less time on things previously enjoyed because of alcohol.
  • Focusing on alcohol. Spending a lot of time drinking, thinking about alcohol or recovering from its effects. Having few interests that are not connected with the use of alcohol.
  • Negative consequences, but continued use. Drinking even though it causes problems – interfering with work, damaging a marriage relationship, making problems worse, or causing health problems.

Get Advice Today

If someone you love in Cheyenne suffers from alcohol abuse, helping them get sober may help save lives. Call this number now to learn more about dealing with alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Receiving Center

2310 E 8th St

Cheyenne WY, 82001-5256
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Alcoholics Anonymous

300 Derr Ave

Cheyenne WY, 82007-2351
(307) 632-7706 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Cheyenne Regional Medical Center

2600 E 18th St

Cheyenne WY, 82001-5511
(307) 634-2273 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Peak Wellness Center Inc

2526 Seymour Ave

Cheyenne WY, 82001-3159
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