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People often begin abusing drugs and alcohol because it makes them feel more social and better able to interact with others. They feel more comfortable and confident while under the influence – which often means that they overindulge. Overindulgence quickly leads to dependence and soon, the need for drug addiction treatment is apparent.

If you are living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and looking for treatment for addiction, contact us today. We can help.

Bad Behavior Due to Untreated Addiction Haunts You Forever

A Milwaukee teen was killed in 1976, and her alleged murderer didn’t go on trial until 2009. The 53-year-old man taking the stand was described as a violent drug addict during his younger days when he knew the victim – an extreme example that acts committed under the influence always come back to haunt you.

Untreated drug addiction can compel you to perform horrific acts that you would never even consider while clean and sober. Many do what they do because they are so out of their senses that they don’t realize what they’re doing. Others perform crimes in an effort to get more of their drug of choice or the money to pay for it. Still others are the victims of paranoid delusions due to the drugs they take and believe that they are under attack – and act accordingly.

No one addicted to an illicit substance can control that substance’s effect on their thoughts and actions. The only way to regain control is to enroll in a drug addiction treatment program that helps you get to a place of abstinence.

Make Amends: Start With Drug Addiction Treatment

Recognizing that your behavior has gotten out of control can be the first step toward getting the help you need to turn things around. Contact one of our counselors at the phone number listed above and find the right rehab for you. We can also offer help if you have a loved one in Milwaukee who needs help; high-quality drug rehab centers are found all across the country.

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27th Street Clinic

4383 N 27th St

Milwaukee WI, 53216-1809
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Alcolicos Anominos Grupo

2505 W Burnham St

Milwaukee WI, 53204-3050
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Aurora Behavioral Health Services

1220 Dewey Ave

Milwaukee WI, 53213-2504
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Hope Street

2522 W Capitol Dr # 8

Milwaukee WI, 53206-1450
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Lss Counseling

1545 S Layton Blvd

Milwaukee WI, 53215-1924
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Lutheran Counseling-Family Services

3800 N Mayfair Rd # 1

Milwaukee WI, 53222-2200
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Milwaukee Women’s Center Inc

611 N Broadway # 105

Milwaukee WI, 53202-5004
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Rogers Memorial Hospital

11101 W Lincoln Ave

Milwaukee WI, 53227-1166
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White’s Residential Treatment

6400 W Capitol Dr # 212

Milwaukee WI, 53216-2156
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Wisconsin Community Services Inc

3732 W Wisconsin Ave

Milwaukee WI, 53208-3166
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