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Virginia Beach Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Find The Best Option Addiction Treatment Centers
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The consequences of drug abuse and addiction can be horrifying, but never more so than when children become the victims. Parents, neighbors and even strangers with a drug addiction can unintentionally hurt the most innocent in our communities.

If you are a parent or caregiver in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and you are fighting drug or alcohol abuse, don’t risk the safety and well-being of those who depend on you most. Call now to find the best drug rehab for you. Search Nearby: Norfolk Drug Rehabs.

Drug Addiction and Child Neglect

When under the influence of drugs and alcohol, it is almost impossible to be a proper caregiver to a child. Parents who drink, smoke marijuana, or abuse prescription medication or illicit drugs are never as focused as they should be on the safety and well-being of their kids. In some cases, negligence becomes the issue and in others, outright abuse is the problem. One Virginia woman was sentenced to three years probation and drug addiction treatment when she was found guilty of barricading her three daughters into a room using drywall.

Many parents who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction say that they can’t get the treatment they need because they have no one to watch their children. The fact is that if you are a primary caregiver to a child and you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the best thing for them is for you to get the help you need so you can be a positive influence in their lives. If you are healthy and prioritizing continued sobriety, you are living by example and helping them to grow into healthy young adults.

Help Your Family Heal the Rifts Caused by Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Would you like to learn how you can protect your children through drug and alcohol rehab? Call now to learn about the available options in addiction treatment for Virginia Beach, VA residents.

Alcoholics Anonymous

4968 Euclid Rd # C-1

Virginia Beach, VA 23462-5833
(757) 490-3980


Christian Psychotherapy Services

281 Independence Blvd # 326

Virginia Beach, VA 23462-2978
(757) 490-0377


New Bridges

3500 Virginia Beach Blvd # 410

Virginia Beach, VA 23452-4450
(757) 455-8283


Regeneration Addiction Recovery Group

2610 Potters Road, Suite 206

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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