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According to experts and our Vicodin rehab guide, the estimated number of people that are addicted to Vicodin in the US hovers somewhere around two million persons. This is for many reasons, too. One, the drug is often prescribed to treat people who suffer from chronic pain conditions. Over time, they grow to be mentally and physically dependant upon this drug—most commonly over the fear of the pain coming back and having to rewind their lives. Of course, then there are those who just abuse the drug that are able to more easily attain it due to the rampant amount of people who are prescribed it that sell it on the streets or, in some cases, even give it away. While the real numbers as to how many people are truly addicted to this drug are not exactly known, rather estimated, the widespread affects that the addiction causes are prevalent in nearly every city in the US. Another shocking statistic is that it is one of the most commonly illegally manufactured and produced drugs by the drug cartels, criminals that will sell it to anyone that wants it.

What are the True Numbers?

Since there are so many different drug rehab centers for Vicodin treatment, the true numbers of Vicodin rehabilitation stats are hard to grasp on a national scale. However, if you look around at different rehab centers’ websites, the prospects of breaking free from your addiction – or the success rate of someone you know that is addicted – are rather good. Most Vicodin rehabilitation clinics boast, on average, about a 60-70% success rate, and generally around a 30% relapse rate. However, these numbers can greatly vary depending upon the center, their approach, the program that they use, whether the patient seeks in-patient care (where they stay at the center) or outpatient care, and the power that the person who is addicted takes upon themselves to break free from their Vicodin addiction.

Reasons to Opt for Rehabilitation

If you have found that you have become addicted to this powerful opiate (which is a combination of codeine and thebaine, an opioid analgesic that is very addictive), there are many grand reasons for you to seek rehab from Vicodin. First off, think about yourself, your body, your health and your career. These are all matters that are greatly affected by any addiction, but ones that you can take control of with rehab from Vicodin. Another reason is your family members as well as your loved ones; they too are greatly affected and their lives are changed by your addiction. Lastly, freedom. Being able to say that you are drug-free and once again in control of your own life, happy and healthy is a superfluous accolade that can be achieved when you empower yourself to take control of your life through an effective Vicodin rehabilitation program.

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