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Longview Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Near Longview, Texas, a man was arrested on an Amtrak train for carrying a large amount of marijuana. Wanted on other drug-related charges, he’ll likely face a judge for sales or possession charges – or both.

Despite the passing of medical marijuana laws in many states across the country, it’s still not legal under federal law. This can cause a lot of legal issues for those who abuse the drug and attempt to cross state lines with their stash and paraphernalia. And for those with no medical marijuana card at all, the legal outlook when caught can be even grimmer.

If you are abusing marijuana in Longview, TX, is it really worth the hassle? There’s so much more to life than dealing with the law and staying in a haze of marijuana. If you’re ready to free your mind and live drug-free, contact us today to find a rehab center that can help.

The Haze of Marijuana Abuse and Addiction

One of the biggest problems that patients in recovery from marijuana abuse and addiction struggle with is learning how to live without constantly being high. So many smoked weed before doing just about everything – it can be hard to re-learn how to enjoy things and function while sober.

But that’s just one of many skills that you will gain when you enroll in a drug addiction treatment program. You’ll also learn more about how to:

  • Have and maintain functional relationships
  • Prioritize your mental wellness
  • Decide what you want in life and map out a way to get it
  • Deal with tough emotions without drugs

Are You Ready to Make the Change? Call Today

One phone call can connect you with information about hundreds of different rehabilitation programs. Which one is right for you? Call now.

Community Healthcore

105 Woodbine Pl

Longview, TX 75601-2912
(903) 234-8464


East Texas Council-Alcoholism

708 Glencrest Ln

Longview, TX 75601-5137
(903) 753-7633


ETMC Behavioral Health

3400 W Marshall Ave # 403

Longview, TX 75604-5059
(903) 297-1562



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