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Houston Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Find The Best Option Addiction Treatment Centers
GET HELP NOW 877-345-3281

The use of prescription pain relievers is a major problem in Houston, TX as well as throughout the entire country. More prescriptions than ever are flooding the general public, which means that more people than ever are in a position to develop an addiction or to inadvertently overdose when they take their medication incorrectly or mix it with other substances. The most common drugs of choice for those who abuse prescription pills are codeine, Vicodin, OxyContin and Percocet.

While not everyone with a prescription for a narcotic painkiller will develop an addiction, when it does happen, it’s important that immediate rehab help is sought. Getting the best possible treatment for addiction doesn’t necessarily mean staying in Houston, Texas. Contact us today to find the best drug rehab for your needs.

True or False: Prescription Painkillers Are Safe Because They’re Doctor-Prescribed

Prescription pain relievers do exactly what they’re supposed to do – they provide relief from physical pain. This is accomplished when the opiate medication binds to opiate receptors, blocking the experience of pain and triggering the pleasure and reward system in the brain. The pleasure experienced is often what is psychologically addictive to users. Physically, though, one can develop a dependence upon the pain-relieving effects. When the two happen together, an addiction is present – one that requires medical attention.

Many people assume that because the prescription medication came from a doctor, it is inherently safe. While painkillers are safe for patients who are given a prescription and follow it exactly, it is not safe to take more than prescribed, alter the pill before taking it, or mix it with other substances including alcohol. It’s also not safe for anyone to take the drug without a prescription – and that includes taking leftover pills. It is in these situations that users run into problems.

Prescription Drug Addiction Requires Detox and Treatment

Find out everything you need to know about prescription painkiller rehab. Families in Houston, TX can access the top rehab options in the country when they call the number listed above. Call now. We can offer real help for you or your Houston loved one.

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A New Approach Counseling Services

16100 Cairnway Dr # 350

Houston, TX 77084-3580
(281) 656-2848


Alcoholics Anonymous

1200 Blalock Rd # 378

Houston, TX 77055-6455
(713) 468-9103


Cheyenne Center

9100 Dodson St

Houston, TX 77093-7148
(713) 691-4898


Council On Alcohol & Drugs

303 Jackson Hill St

Houston, TX 77007-7407
(713) 942-4100


Directions Of Recovery Inc

513 Thornton Rd

Houston, TX 77018-3320
(713) 695-5242


Extended Aftercare Inc

5002 N Shepherd Dr

Houston, TX 77018-1625
(713) 695-8403


Extended Aftercare, Inc. (EAI)

5002 N. Shepherd

Houston, TX 77018


Gulf Coast Club

14540 Minetta St

Houston, TX 77035-6524
(713) 729-3415


Intergroup Association Inc

4140 Directors Row # D

Houston, TX 77092-8736
(713) 686-6300


Intracare Hospital South

7601 Fannin St

Houston, TX 77054-1905
(713) 790-0949


Last Chance Recovery Center

5130 Milwee St

Houston, TX 77092-6618
(713) 529-1581


Lieutenants House Residential

4728 Gunter St

Houston, TX 77020-7135
(713) 675-3823


Passages Inc Residential

7722 Westview Dr

Houston, TX 77055-5029
(713) 957-4910


Phoenix House Houston

501 Garden Oaks Blvd

Houston, TX 77018-5505
(713) 426-2637


Right Step Residential Treatment

902 W Alabama St

Houston, TX 77006-4604
(713) 528-3709


Riverside General Hospital

3204 Ennis St

Houston, TX 77004-3299
(713) 526-2441


S & S Counseling Services

8449 W Bellfort St

Houston, TX 77071-2245
(713) 981-0922


Texas Alcohol & Drug Testing

16903 Red Oak Dr # 130

Houston, TX 77090-3938
(281) 444-6600


Texas Alcoholism Foundation

2208 W 34th St

Houston, TX 77018-6005
(713) 956-6337


Texas Clinic Westview

9320 Westview Dr # 10

Houston, TX 77055-6414
(713) 468-0536



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