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Nashville Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Find The Best Option Addiction Treatment Centers
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Rehab Treatment Info

Those who are in search of drug and alcohol addiction treatment around Nashville often find that their best bet is to put some distance between themselves and home. Drug rehabs outside of Nashville often offer a more rural environment that is more suitable to health and healing after addiction. Finding the right addiction treatment program that can provide you with the care you need to heal starts with a single phone call. Contact us today to find a drug rehab near Nashville that can help you or your loved one begin the healing process. (See related: Memphis Addiction Rehab Centers)

treatment-facilities-lpRehab Treatment Information

Not all drug rehab centers are created alike. It’s important that you find a drug rehab program that gives you everything you need based on your experience with drugs and alcohol, your preferences for environment and your other co-occurring disorders (e.g., depression, eating disorders or anxiety). Here are a few other quick facts that you should know about drug rehabs near Nashville:

  • Drug rehabs near Nashville should include medical detox facilities and treatments if you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
  • Dual Diagnosis rehabs near Nashville are necessary if you are struggling with a psychological disorder like schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, severe depression and others.
  • Aftercare options like sober living and group therapy options can be the thing that keeps you dedicated to your recovery after you successfully complete a drug rehab program near Nashville.
  • Integrating 12-step treatment into an holistic drug rehab program near Nashville can not only help you to heal during addiction treatment but it will also assist you in transitioning into a drug-free lifestyle at treatment’s end.

Would You Like More Treatment Info? Contact Us Today

If you are interested in learning more about your drug rehab options outside of Nashville or if you would like to speak to a counselor about which type of addiction treatment will serve you best, contact us at the above number today.

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Preferred Listings

Foundations Nashville

101 Lea Ave.

Nashville , TN 37210
(877) 345-3396


Alcoholics Anonymous

176 Thompson Ln # G1

Nashville, TN 37211-2468
(615) 831-1050


Bethesda Work Shops

3710 Franklin Pike

Nashville, TN 37204-3506
(615) 467-5610


Evelyn Frye Center

2021 Church St

Nashville, TN 37203-2021
(615) 385-4090


Samaritan Recovery Community

319 S 4th St

Nashville, TN 37206-4103
(615) 244-4802


Stars Center For Youth Issues

2416 21st Ave S # 200

Nashville, TN 37212-5318
(615) 279-0058


Tennessee Drug Awareness Council

506 E Iris Dr

Nashville, TN 37204-3110
(615) 385-2251


Tennessee Professional Assistance

545 Mainstream Dr # 414

Nashville, TN 37228-1219
(615) 726-4001



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