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In Memphis, you have an array of different drug and alcohol rehab centers to choose from, each one with its own philosophy of recovery and menu of therapeutic treatments and services. Choosing one that suits your religious and philosophical beliefs and supports your goals for your life after drug and alcohol addiction treatment will help you to get the most out of the Memphis rehab treatment center you choose. (See related: Nashville Addiction Rehab Centers)

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treatment-facilities-lpWhat to Expect From Your Treatment Center

A Memphis drug and alcohol rehab center should provide you with all the medical and psychological treatment you need to stop using drugs completely and learn how to live without drugs happily. It can take some time and many patients find that a patient exploration of different types of therapies and treatments is most effective in helping them to make progress in their recovery. In Memphis, you can find the kind of high-end rehab treatment centers you need to create a treatment plan that uniquely suits you.

A Memphis rehab treatment center should also provide you with the structure and support that you need to stay focused during early recovery. This can mean that communication with friends and family is suspended during the first few weeks and that you will be required to attend certain group therapies and personal therapy sessions. You will need to fill your day with treatment activities starting early in the morning, attend meal times, and take advantage of down time and shower time on a schedule so as to be respectful of everyone’s time. No matter what time of day, you will have the support you need if you have a difficult time – therapists, staff members and counselors are always standing by to assist you.

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Preferred Listings

Foundations Memphis

1083 West Rex Rd.

Memphis TN, 39119
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The Oaks Treatment Center

2009 Lamar Ave.

Memphis TN, 38114


Alcoholics Anonymous

1835 Union Ave # 302

Memphis TN, 38104-3967
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Cocaine-Alcohol Awareness

3835 Lamar Ave

Memphis TN, 38118-3706
(901) 794-0915 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Delta Medical Center

3000 Getwell Rd

Memphis TN, 38118-2299
(901) 369-8100 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Foundations Memphis

1083 West Rex Rd.

Memphis TN, 39119
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Grace House Of Memphis

329 N Bellevue Blvd

Memphis TN, 38105-4306
(901) 722-8460 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Harbor House Alcohol/Drug

1979 E Alcy Rd

Memphis TN, 38114-5902
(901) 743-1836 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Lakeside Behavioral Health Center

2911 Brunswick Rd

Memphis TN, 38133-4105
(901) 377-4700 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Memphis Recovery Center Inc

219 N Montgomery St

Memphis TN, 38104-6931
(901) 272-7751 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Whitehaven Southwest Mental

1087 Alice Ave

Memphis TN, 38106-6543
(901) 774-7811 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>



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