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Jackson Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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LSD, or acid, is a common hallucinogenic abused by young and old alike. Most popular during the 60s and 70s, it is still in high use in certain communities, especially in rural areas where locals learn how to make the drug themselves at home. Made from lysergic acid found in a fungus called ergot that grows on rye and other grains, LSD can cause the user to make poor decisions and may even result in long-term brain damage if used chronically, mixed with other drugs and/or used in large doses.

Drug abuse may be a fact of life for some in Jackson, Tennessee but it is one that can be treated effectively. Call now to find the right Tennessee drug rehab for your needs. See related: Memphis Drug Rehabilitation.

Abusing Hallucinogenic Drugs Affects the Whole Family

LSD is an unpredictable drug. Because there is no regulation of its production, and it’s often made by amateur chemists with limited supplies, there’s no telling the amount of different chemicals that will be included or which chemicals will make it into the mix. Effects of use will depend upon the exact makeup of the drug, as well as the user’s mood and personality.

Some people report having “good trips” defined by positivity and feelings of harmony while others describe “bad trips” that are characterized by paranoia, hallucinations, self-doubt and suicidal thoughts. In general, the user’s sense of time and perception of the environment around them changes, causing them to make choices based on inaccurate information – choices that can be dangerous and even deadly.

Help Your Loved One Get Back on Track at a Drug Rehab

There is no medical use for LSD, according to the federal government. Users who are in possession of the drug and those who produce it are in violation of the law. Continuing to live with chronic abuse of the drug can mean the daily risk of serious health problems, legal problems, and more for your family in Jackson, TN. Call now to find out how you or your Jackson, TN loved one can walk away from illicit substances like LSD and other drugs forever.

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Aspell Recovery Center

331 N Highland Ave

Jackson, TN 38301-5246
(731) 427-7238


Jackson Area Council

900 E Chester St

Jackson, TN 38301-6502
(731) 423-3653



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