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Even though a chemist who works for the sheriff’s department in Spartanburg, South Carolina, says that he’s rarely seen acetone used in the making of local crystal methamphetamine seized in local busts, a new law has been enacted across the state requiring those who would buy nail polish remover that includes that chemical to show photo ID.

Why? In some cases, nail polish remover – like the pseudoephedrine found in many common cold medications – has been used by local dealers who cook the drug. However, in many cases, crystal meth is being imported into the country, one of the reasons why use of the drug is on an upsurge despite laws like this that have been put into place to curb its production. How then is crystal meth getting into South Carolina and other parts of the country?

Meth Distribution Through Gangs

Traditionally, meth has been manufactured in small operations, and distribution channels were maintained by outlaw motorcycle gangs. Recently, however, there has been a new trend toward Mexican gang dominance of the meth trade, a change that may cause an upsurge in the drug’s availability.

One such gang that may be responsible for much of the drug’s distribution throughout the southern United States and across the country is Puente 13. The Department of Justice is well aware of the situation, and they’re taking action to disseminate information to help quell the potentially rising tide:

  • A task force has been specially created to investigate the drug and firearms trafficking operations of Puente 13.
  • Puente 13 distributes large quantities of methamphetamine in Southern California and elsewhere.
  • Puente 13 also sells cocaine, marijuana, and oxycodone in states across the country.

Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

It’s notoriously difficult for patients struggling with crystal meth dependence to learn how to fight off relapse, but it’s more than possible with the right treatment program. Call now to find a rehab option that can help your Spartanburg loved one conquer substance abuse of any kind.

Alcoholics Anonymous

349 E Saint John St

Spartanburg SC, 29302-1544
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Spartanburg Alcohol & Drug

187 W Broad St

Spartanburg SC, 29306-3234
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Spartanburg Treatment

239 Access Rd

Spartanburg SC, 29303-1682
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