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I Don’t Have It! What Do I Do?

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Don’t worry! If you don’t have a rehab-specific insurance policy, you’re not alone.

No one does. No insurance company offers a policy or add-on insurance option to cover the costs of drug and alcohol addiction treatment solely and specifically. There are, however, ways to cover part of the cost of drug and alcohol rehab with insurance.

In fact, most states require insurance providers to offer at least some portion of coverage in their health insurance policies.

If you don’t have health insurance of any kind, you will need to seek out other support sources. For each patient, these resources will differ. The option of family member support, savings, financing options and scholarships or assistance through nonprofit agencies can all work together to help you gather the funds you need to pay for drug and alcohol rehab.

No matter what your financial situation is, there is no reason to put off or avoid seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment and care because of money.

Financial institutions are available to fill in the gaps and help you cover the cost of whatever you can’t pay for out of pocket or with insurance help. Contact us today at Rehab International to find a drug and alcohol rehab facility that can work with your financial situation.

What Rehab Services Are Covered

Not all health insurance policies are created alike. Neither are the state laws that govern the requirements that insurance providers must follow when offering coverage for different types of medical and psychological care. For that reason and because there are so many different types of policies and levels of coverage in each, it’s almost impossible to state in general terms what will definitely be covered by health insurance in terms of rehab services and care.

However, most state insurance agencies do require insurance providers to offer at least some form of coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Again, these requirements vary from state to state. Some insurance providers offer only the bare minimum to remain in compliance while others offer more comprehensive packages.

In general, the details of what rehab services are covered by insurance will be found in two separate sections – the mental health section and the medical section. Detox care and any medical assistance required due to physical complications would be covered under the medical portion of coverage.

Group therapy, personal therapy, and experiential therapy and treatments would be covered under the mental health portion of the policy.

The problem with drug and alcohol rehab insurance coverage is that few people purchase a health insurance policy anticipating the need to pay for drug rehab. If it is unclear to you exactly what is covered by your insurance company or policy, ask. Get the most solid information you can and make sure that you know what you need to do in advance in order to secure the coverage available to you.

What Rehab Services Are Not Covered

Unless you have an extremely thorough and comprehensive health insurance policy or a policy that includes coverage for preventative medicine, there will likely be a few different types of therapy and treatment that will not be covered. For example, some policies provide only for one type of mental health treatment per person. If your drug rehab program includes both group therapy sessions and personal therapy sessions, it is likely that only one will be eligible for insurance coverage.

Additionally, any alternative therapies like equine-assisted therapy or outdoors adventure and ropes courses will likely not be covered by most general health insurance policies. The more exotic or cutting-edge the treatment, the less likely it is to be covered.

Keep in mind: Even the therapies and treatments that are covered by insurance will most often only be covered in part, leaving you responsible for the remainder of the bill. If, for example, your drug rehab charges $250 an hour for a certain type of therapy and insurance only approves coverage for 50 percent, you will need to come up with the other $125 out of pocket.

Finding Other Ways to Pay for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you don’t have the money in the bank to cover a huge bill for treatment out of pocket, you’re not alone. Few patients do. Most patients borrow what they can from family members and finance the rest using the flexible loan options and repayment plans available through the rehab’s financial partner.

Paying back the loan over time after you have built a strong foundation in recovery makes more sense than trying to scrounge up the funds before you are well enough to work and budget.

Contact us today to find out more about your rehab payment options and to locate a rehabilitation program that can work with your insurance.


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