Women’s Addiction Treatment FAQ

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Women’s Addiction Treatment FAQ Addiction Treatment
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Rehab centers for women only are a popular choice among female patients seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Many women feel safer emotionally in a woman-only space while others appreciate the focus on female-specific addiction issues. Many women, though, find that a gender-specific recovery space is unnecessary. The world includes men. Why not have them in treatment as well?

If you would like to discuss whether or not a rehab for women is the right choice for you, contact us today at the phone number listed above. Counselors are standing by.

Do Women Need a Gender-Specific Drug Rehab Center to Be Successful in Recovery?

No, women do not need a gender-specific drug rehab program in order to make progress in treatment and build a foundation for themselves in recovery. It is not at all necessary, but for some women, it is preferable. A for-women, by-women approach makes many patients feel more comfortable when it comes to sharing experiences about sexual abuse and trauma in a group setting – a common issue for women living with drug and alcohol addiction. So while many women will thrive in a co-ed environment, some simply prefer to recover with other women as peers and as counselors, though it is in no way medically necessary.

Are Children Allowed at Rehab for Women?

Finding childcare is an important part of helping women who are mothers to focus effectively on their own recovery.

Not usually. There are very few family programs out there that allow young mothers to have their children on site in childcare while they undergo drug and alcohol addiction treatment, but for the most part, this is not the case.Grandparents, aunts and uncles are good choices for care for the duration of treatment – no one knows better than family members how important it is that you get the treatment you need to get better.

Can Families Come Visit Women in Rehab?

There are visitation days at most drug rehabs for women. For the first few weeks, however, most patients at residential treatment centers – both co-ed and specifically for women – are usually asked to avoid calling home or communicating with friends and family. The idea is that more focus is gained more quickly when patients have nothing to worry about except what they are doing in treatment. After an appropriate amount of time, visiting days are included in the schedule. When appropriate, family therapy sessions that include people from back home may also be a part of a patient’s treatment plan.

What Are the Benefits of Gender-Specific Drug Rehab?

For women who have experienced sexual abuse or trauma prior to or during active drug addiction, attending a rehab for women only can make group therapy and sharing more comfortable. Working through these issues can be extremely beneficial during recovery and help women along the path of healing.

Having female counselors and medical professionals to talk to throughout treatment can also make women feel more comfortable. A number of sensitive issues can come up during treatment and it is easier for some women to talk to other women.

In the same way, being surrounded by female peers can also make women feel more comfortable. Patients don’t feel like they have to dress up or behave in a certain way. They can relax, wear comfortable clothes and focus on why they’re there – for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Co-ed Drug Rehab?

Co-ed drug rehab programs offer a number of benefits to women as well.

Some women relate more easily to men. Having male peers and male counselors may make it easier for some women to share about their past experiences. Other women feel like it isn’t necessary to exclude men from treatment in order for it to be effective. They reason that they got high and drank with men; why not go through recovery with men too? The world does not separate men from women, so why should drug rehab?

It’s important to note that even in co-ed rehab, there are separate residential facilities for both genders and strict rules that govern the interactions between men and women when unattended. The goal is always to maintain focus on drug and alcohol addiction treatment; relationships are not allowed.

How Do I Know if I Need a Rehab Solely for Women?

For some women, they intuitively know that they will be more productive during treatment if there are only women present. For others, it isn’t that clear. If you would like to discuss your drug rehab options with a counselor, contact us at the phone number listed above. We can help you find the right addiction treatment program for you.


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