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What are the Dangers Addiction Treatment
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Prescription drug addiction is quite harmful and this is no secret.

However, many people are under an impression that dangerous effects are caused only by street drugs and club drugs like heroin, ecstasy and marijuana. What they don’t understand is the fact that prescription drug abuse (over usage of prescribed drugs for non medical reasons) is as dangerous as any other form of drug addiction. Just because your local pharmacist sells it, doesn’t make it safe for abuse or misuse.
There is no denying that prescription medicines are life saving sometimes when used to treat an illness or an injury. They are to be carefully used as per the doctor’s instructions or other healthcare experts. The same drugs when abused or misused can cause danger to your life. This is applicable even when prescription medicines are misused unintentionally. For instance, if you happen to take over dosage of a prescribed medicine accidently, the effects will be quite different than what you had imagined.

Dangers of Misusing

There are many physical consequences to over usage of prescription drugs and they are definitely painful.

Making improper use of prescription medicines can cause great changes in your heart rate, breathing pattern and make them extremely rapid or slow. You may experience sudden increase in body temperature. Things can go up to the extent of coma and seizure as well. It’s also possible to die due to over dosage.

Some prescription medication misuse may lead to loss of judgment or coordination, thereby making you do things that you do not engage normally in. You might either do something completely embarrassing in front of your family, friends or colleagues or you may end up doing something that can hurt someone physically or emotionally.
Apart from physical dangers of prescription drug addiction, as an addict you might have to face other consequences too. Abusing prescription medicine can jeopardize your relationship with your friends and family. It’s best that you learn to control the urge to misuse prescription drugs and work towards drug abuse prevention at early stage. If things go beyond control, the only option that will be left to you is drug abuse treatment. Although treating prescription drug addiction is possible, you might want to save yourself the pain of getting admitted in a rehab for drug addiction treatment while you could be doing something constructive in life.

Here are few dangers of prescription drug addiction categorized according to the dangers that they can bring into your life.

Physical Dangers

Some prescription drug addiction withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Disruption in body functions like excessive urination, sweating and thirst
  • Uncontrollable nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Insomnia, dizziness, drowsiness and palpitation
  • Extensive and severe rashes
  • Hospitalization due to extreme changes in body functions
  • Death
  • Social Dangers

Taking decision regarding prescription drugs can bring major changes to your life. There are chances that you would begin to behave differently and get treated by people differently as a result. You might even end up discounting an activity of great importance.

These changes will have a negative impact in your personal life, social life, family and your future plans. Some devastating consequences may include:

  • Losing longtime friendship
  • Taking risks that you generally will not
  • Losing interest in the way you look and dress
  • Feeling depressed and worried
  • Losing of interest in group activities like clubs or sports.
  • Creating a bad reputation for yourself
  • Stealing in order to pay for drugs

Abusing prescription medicines can result in legal problems as well. The government makes decision about if its legal or not to sell certain prescribed drugs without proper prescription.

Apart from these misusing prescribed can result in incidents that may get you involved with court or police:

  • Stealing of prescription medicine
  • Selling or supplying prescription medicines to others
  • Engaging in violence that could cause danger to property and life
  • Driving under the effect of prescription drug which could put your as well as other’s life in danger.
Dangers at Home

  • Lack of interest in family activities
  • Arguing over silly issues
  • Ignoring curfews and breaking other rules
  • Pending more time in solitary
  • Change in personality and mood swings
  • Keeping secrets from family members

Such activities can cause severe damage to your family life.

Taking into consideration the above dangers of prescription drug addiction, you might want to abstain from it instead of risking your life and earning lifetime of pain, regrets and irreversible damages.


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