Types of Treatment

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Types of Treatment Addiction Treatment

There are a number of different types of Percocet addiction treatment to choose from, including inpatient or outpatient programs and a variety of treatment styles.

The one that is right for you will depend upon your Percocet drug history among other issues. Finding the one type of Percocet rehab that will best speak to your needs starts with a single phone call.

Our counselors are standing by at the phone number listed above, waiting to answer your questions about Percocet rehab and help you locate the right addiction treatment center for you. The call is free, and counselors are available 24 hours a day.


Percocet detox addresses the health problems that afflict those who try to abruptly stop taking Percocet after a long period of use.

It can be included as a part of residential Percocet rehab or a separate program that precedes or coincides with another outpatient Percocet rehab. If you have withdrawal symptoms when you stop using the drug, Percocet detox is absolutely necessary. It is never recommended that you stop taking Percocet without a medical professional standing by to assist in the event of complications.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient addiction treatment programs for Percocet require patients to attend a schedule of therapy sessions, doctor appointments, educational classes, group therapy and family therapy each week. Random drug tests are provided since there is no 24-hour care to ensure that relapse is prevented. Patients have the opportunity to continue working or attending school as long as it does not interfere with their treatment schedule. The program may last for a few months up to a year or more. Percocet detox is rarely offered on an outpatient basis, and it is often expected that patients be completely drug-free when they begin the program.

Inpatient Centers

Residential rehabilitation for Percocet is often considered the most effective treatment available – it’s certainly the most intensive. As the patient progresses through treatment, the schedule is adjusted to include new treatments and therapies and drop ineffective ones as goals are achieved. These programs usually last at least a month, while others may last for six months or a year.

The 24-hour care means that patients are never without medical and/or psychological assistance as they go through the process of Percocet detox. A full day of group therapy, alternative and traditional treatments, group meals, gentle exercise, personal therapy and medical care is tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

Traditional Rehab

Traditional Percocet rehab is based on the 12 steps and traditions made famous by groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). These steps help the patient to admit that they have a problem with Percocet addiction, give control of the issue up to the Higher Power of their choice and then learn how to live a rigorously honest life characterized by integrity rather than drugs and alcohol.

Holistic Care

Holistic Percocet rehab programs often incorporate the traditional 12-step meetings and steps into treatment but also draw from Eastern as well as Western healing ideologies.

Therapies like yoga, acupuncture, bodywork, massage, acupressure and meditation can all help patients achieve a sense of balance and peace as they work toward rediscovering their authentic selves during Percocet rehab. Increasingly more popular, evidence is stacking up that demonstrates the effectiveness of reaching patients “where they live” in terms of Percocet addiction treatment and helping them take the steps they need to take to heal at a pace that is comfortable.

Which Type Is Right for You?

Choosing between inpatient and outpatient Percocet rehab is about your schedule.

Have you remained functional at work or school despite your Percocet addiction? Do you have more of an issue with psychological cravings than physical dependence? If so, then outpatient rehab may be the better option. For everyone else, inpatient addiction treatment is almost always the better way to go.

The philosophical standpoint of the Percocet rehab has more to do with your personality. Do you strive well within structure? Do you agree with the concept of an identified Higher Power? If so, traditional Percocet rehab is a good plan. If you are unsure where you stand on those issues and want to ensure that you have a say in the development of your program, then an holistic Percocet addiction treatment program might be a better fit.

Find a  Rehab that Will Work for You Today

If you would like to find a Percocet rehab that will work for you or if you would like to speak with a counselor about your options, contact us today at the phone number listed above. We can help you find the right Percocet drug rehab program for you.


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