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OxyContin was once held as one of the major breakthroughs in pain management when it was initially introduced in the market. This powerful opiate based pain killer released its active components over time, thus saving a patient with chronic pain from taking several analgesics throughout an entire day. But then drug abusers soon discovered that OxyContin when injected or snorted releases all its opiates at once creating an intense euphoric feeling. As years passed, OxyContin abusers flocked around clinic feigning injury just to obtain the drug. Hospital’s emergency rooms were also filling up with abusers who underestimated the effects of the drug and have overdosed as a consequence. The recent OxyContin addiction statistics is quite staggering in the United States alone.

Easy Access and Use

It was in the year 1995 that OxyContin first made its appearance in the market. It is a potent narcotic drug used for the management of chronic pains. However, in the year 2007, there is already an estimated 8.4% of the American population aged 12 years and older who inappropriately used OxyContin in a month period. According to some research studies, there are around 1 million Americans who have abused OxyContin at least once in their entire lifetime. These individuals may have bought the drug from the streets, stole from their parent’s medication cabinets, borrowed from a friend or a colleague or took a few more dosages beyond what their prescription recommended. Nowadays, not only that more and more people are willing to try OxyContin, but the drug also is very much easy to get. OxyContin can now be found in many high school institutions all over the country. A study showed that in the year 2005 alone, 5.5% of 12th graders admitted using OxyContin for non-medical related reasons.

The Downside

When an individual begins to abuse OxyContin like this, they unknowingly progress themselves towards prescription drug addiction. The addiction may not happen in a short period of time but narcotics can oftentimes be so addictive that it may take only several abusive episodes before an individual gets hooked to it. Keep in mind that OxyContin & other narcotic drugs are closely related to heroin, a known addictive illicit drug.

The drug rehab treatment community has already responded to this alarming wave of OxyContin abuse and as well as addiction. There are several OxyContin rehab programs available these days that help people in their fight against this destructive addiction. OxyContin addiction can start with legal use in the beginning since the drug is usually prescribed for patients who are suffering from back pain, post surgical management and other debilitating forms of pain.

If a doctor and a certain patient are not closely watching over OxyContin use, it can be very easy to slip into the drug’s abuse and addiction. If in case this happens, these patients need an OxyContin rehab. Statistics for individuals who attempt to break free from OxyContin addiction by themselves are indeed discouraging. OxyContin abusers usually are not able to start or maybe maintain sobriety without seeking professional help. Alarmingly, OxyContin addiction is thriving across the country. But this statistics has also given rehab professionals and specialists valuable experience and several insights when it comes to managing drug treatment modalities. OxyContin may be a new medication in the market, but there are already a number of rehab facilities that are able to successfully manage OxyContin and narcotic addictions with much expertise and knowledge in the field.

Abuse Statistics

Virtually anyone can have a reason for OxyContin use in their entire life span. OxyContin rehab guide programs are very much available these days and success rates have already reached up to 79%. OxyContin abuse already resulted to around 1000 deaths every year. Enroll in a rehab program now and prepare for a better life ahead.

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