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Detox Needs Addiction Treatment
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When an individual is addicted to OxyContin, chances are they will not be able to overcome the addiction on their own.

The addiction to this drug is very severe, which is why most people will have to go through detox to help overcome the addiction. Going to a drug rehab facility can be a scary thing for addicts, especially those who have family and friends they care about. However, getting the proper treatment is the only way to beat the battle against OxyContin. This drug is highly addictive and many people become dependent on it without even knowing how it happened. When the drug is prescribed for pain management, patients may easily become addicted. When this happens, they will need to seek treatment at a detox center.

OxyContin is a drug of choice for many addicts. Since the drug can be easily obtained and provides a high that is very intense, addiction to the drug is very common. When the drug is being abused by a person that was not prescribed the drug, there can be many problems. In some cases, these addicts may also be using other drugs, which can cause many health complications.

There are some severe risks associated with OxyContin addiction, which is why detox is so important.

The Process

When an addict finally realizes they have a problem and admits they need help, they will go to a rehab or detox center.

The first thing that will happen is the addict will begin the process of detoxification. This is when the body gets rid of the toxic substance. When the process begins, some patients will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms almost immediately. As soon as the addict stops using the drug, the body will begin withdrawal. The symptoms will show up within a few hours after having last used the drug.

The withdrawal symptoms associated with OxyContin can be severe and painful. This is the worst part of drug rehab. If a person can make it through withdrawal, they will usually successfully complete the rest of their rehab program. However, withdrawal is also the point in which many addicts relapse. It is very common for the symptoms to be so severe that a person will begin to use another drug to offset the symptoms. This can lead to a new addiction.

Dealing with the withdrawal symptoms is much easier when at a detox center.

There will be medical professionals on site 24 hours a day to provide proper medical care for all patients going through detox. By receiving this care, it reduces the chances of experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. However, they cannot all be avoided. Each person will go through withdrawal in a different manner and not every addict will be affected by the same symptoms.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms that could be experienced include nausea, vomiting, sweats, hot/cold flashes, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, headaches, dizziness and diarrhea. Some patients will have severe symptoms which will require medical attention. This is why being in a detox center is beneficial. There will always be a trained professional available to assist patients with their needs as they go through detox.

Further  Treatment

Some OxyContin addicts will go to a detox center and then be able to leave after they no longer experience withdrawal symptoms. This is not always the wisest course of action. Most patients will enter a rehab center. Here, the patient will go through detox before any other stage of rehab is begun. Following detox, the patient will get counseling and will be involved in support groups. They will also learn new coping skills that will help them avoid temptation after they complete the rehab program. Typically, rehab will last between 30 and 60 days, but there are cases in which the patient is in rehab for months or even years. The amount of time that an individual has to remain in rehab will depend on the severity of the addiction, how long they have been addicted and how severe their withdrawal symptoms are.

Rehab can offer many benefits to those with an addiction to OxyContin.

Since the drug is so easy to obtain, these addicts will be faced with many tempting opportunities when they go back to living their life. In rehab, they will be taught how to look past these temptations and lead a drug-free lifestyle. Though this is a long and difficult road to travel, detox and rehab provide the best outcome for any individual who is addicted to OxyContin. In addition to being drug-free, these former addicts will have gained many skills while in rehab that will help them rebuild their lives.

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