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Associated Costs

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Associated Costs Addiction Treatment

The costs of outpatient rehab are considerably less than the costs of inpatient rehab. Without the cost of room and board included in the bill, you can cut back to the basics and get the treatment you need without spending extra money on things you already have at home. Still, despite the considerable decrease in cost, many have a difficult time paying for outpatient rehab. The good news is that there are a number of resources at your disposal – insurance, sliding scale, financing, borrowing – and with those options you will have no problem paying your outpatient rehab costs.

If you would like to learn more about the outpatient rehab centers near you, call us at the number listed above.

More For Your Money

At an outpatient rehab, your costs pay for your treatment – nothing more and nothing less. Most outpatient rehab centers do not provide detox services, so the bulk of your costs will go directly to support your therapy, group sessions, family therapy, educational classes and drug tests at the facility. No extra money is spent on fancy linens, room accommodations, organic meals – extra things that you can provide for yourself at home. Alternative treatments, diagnosticians, machines for treatment, and specialty providers usually are not a part of the package either. Instead, you can focus solely on traditional style of treatment that addresses the psychological effects of drug addiction and then be free to focus on your family, your job or your education.


Insurance is the best way to get the costs of outpatient rehab covered. Though you will likely have to pay your deductible, many health insurance policies will pay for a portion – if not all – of your outpatient rehab costs. Many states require that all insurance providers offer some sort of payment assistance. If your health insurance policy is not clear, then call your insurance agent for details. Different plans allow for a different amount of cost coverage and certain services may not be included. Find out before you sign up for help to avoid surprise costs.

Sliding Scale

If you don’t have insurance but you do have a job, you may qualify for sliding scale payments. Sliding scale payments mean that you will pay a lesser amount for outpatient rehab based upon your income and the number of family members you are supporting in your household. The lower your income in relation to those you support, the lower your outpatient rehab costs will be.

Not every outpatient drug rehab center offers sliding scale treatment. Others may only have the finances to support a small number of attendees at a sliding scale rate. You may have to wait on a wait list in order to be included in treatment if you require a lower fee scale.


If you don’t have insurance and are employed but make too much money to qualify for sliding scale costs or if you can’t find an outpatient rehab that offers sliding scale costs, you may be able to take advantage of financing. Instead of paying the full cost of treatment up front, you may be able to set up a plan with your outpatient rehab which allows you to pay as much as you can before you begin and then set up a payment plan so that you can pay your bill slowly over time. Interest may be attached since it is a loan, but these are usually low when you go directly through the outpatient addiction treatment center.

Free of Charge

In some cases, free outpatient rehab services may be an option. For those who are homeless, court ordered to attend addiction treatment, living off of government financial assistance and/ or food stamps or have little to no income, free outpatient rehab may be available. Finding a no-cost option may mean doing a little research. It can also mean a bit of time spent on the wait list until a spot opens up for you in treatment. In some cases, you may find yourself in an outpatient rehab that is supported entirely by state or federal funds and only offers free treatment to those in need. In other cases, you may be given one of a few spots in a private program that are set aside for those who cannot afford to pay for outpatient rehab costs.

Find out more about outpatient rehab costs at an addiction treatment center near you. Call now.


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