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Tulsa Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Crystal meth labs have evolved over the years. Once elaborately built in abandoned houses or attempted in suburban kitchens, meth labs are now created in vehicles, mobilized for easy setup and takedown. The result has been an increased supply of crystal meth with fewer consequences for the drug dealers, which has meant an increase in crystal meth abuse and addiction.

If your family in Tulsa, Oklahoma is fighting off problems related to crystal meth abuse and addiction, get to the heart of the problem with treatment. Call now to find out how drug rehab can help. See Also: Oklahoma City Drug Rehabs.

Crystal Meth Is a Problem in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Law enforcement, medical professionals and others in the Tulsa community met in 2012 for a “meth summit,” a meeting to discuss the problems associated with meth labs and methamphetamine abuse and how best to proceed in order to fight it.

The focus? Pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient in crystal meth that is easily available in over-the-counter cold medications, and how best to regulate it. A few years ago, it was taken off the shelves and put behind the counter; consumers could only buy a couple of boxes at a time without triggering the interest of law enforcement. It worked to reduce the rate of crystal meth abuse and meth lab busts for a while, but now drug makers have figured out ways around the limited purchasing rules.

Many in law enforcement believe that the drug should be available only by prescription. They think that further restrictions will stop those who would turn the drug into an illicit substance but still keep it accessible to those who need it for symptom relief.

Though the summit came to few conclusions, it was clear from the meeting that crystal meth is a problem in Tulsa and many are ready to do what it takes to stop it from getting worse.

Fight Crystal Meth Addiction: Call Now to Learn More About Your Options in Treatment

Are you ready to change your life through rehab? Contact us today for assistance.

12 & 12 Inc

6333 E Skelly Dr

Tulsa, OK 74135-6106
(918) 664-4224


Alcoholics Anonymous

4853 S Sheridan Rd # 612

Tulsa, OK 74145-5760
(918) 627-2224


Brookhaven Hospital

201 S Garnett Rd

Tulsa, OK 74128-1800
(918) 438-4257


Laureate Psychiatric Clinic

6655 S Yale Ave

Tulsa, OK 74136-3329
(918) 481-4000


Palmer Drug Abuse Program

7614 E 91st St # 160

Tulsa, OK 74133-6047
(918) 392-0190


Parkside Psychiatric Hospital

1620 E 12th St

Tulsa, OK 74120-5407
(918) 588-8888



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