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Families in Winston Salem, North Carolina have access to a wide range of drug and alcohol rehabilitation options. Inpatient care, outpatient treatment, sober living – many of them comprehensive in nature, they allow patients to progress and heal at their own pace. Are you ready to find your loved one the help they need to beat addiction? Call now. See also: Greensboro Drug Addiction Centers.

North Carolina Struggles to Fund Drug Courts

Proven effective in North Carolina and across the country, drug courts are an alternative to criminal courts for those who find themselves in front of a judge for crimes related to maintaining a drug dependence. For every person who goes through drug court and gets drug treatment as opposed to jail time, there is a savings of $2 for every dollar spent, according to the Urban Institute.

Unfortunately, about $2 million was cut from NC’s drug court budget in 2011 for counties across the state, including Forsyth County. This has forced the closure of six drug courts in North Carolina, including Forsyth County’s drug courts. This means that Winston Salem residents who commit nonviolent crimes in order to buy or use their drug of choice will get jail time and fines instead of the drug addiction treatment they need to heal – and to stop committing crimes.

For families living in Winston Salem and fighting drug addiction, there is an increased need to intervene when a loved one needs treatment. Landing in front of judge could mean a worsening of the addiction instead of a healing change, and finding effective treatment is often challenging.

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Coalition-Drug Abuse Prevention

8025 N Point Blvd # 225

Winston Salem NC, 27106-3262
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Fellowship Home Inc

661 N Spring St

Winston Salem NC, 27101-1326
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Partnership For A Drug-Free North Carolina

665 W 4th St

Winston Salem NC, 27101-2701
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Prodigals Community

1024 Waughtown St

Winston Salem NC, 27107-3449
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