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Santa Fe Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Find The Best Option Addiction Treatment Centers
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A contract employee at Southern New Mexico Corrections Facility was caught smuggling 26 grams of cocaine and 46 grams of heroin into work with her, one of the biggest prison drug busts of its kind within the state.

The abuse of drugs like heroin is not just a problem within the penal system; it’s a problem all over Santa Fe, New Mexico. People come to heroin addiction through a number of different ways, but no matter how the addiction developed, continuing to live without treatment can have deadly results.

Is heroin addiction a life-threatening issue for you in Santa Fe, NM? Call the phone number listed above to get the information you need to start treatment today.

The Paths to Heroin Addiction

There are two common ways that people come to heroin addiction. The first is through prescription painkillers. Both this classification of medication and street heroin are opiate drugs with similar mechanisms and effect. When people run out of pills and can’t find – or afford – more, they often turn to heroin in order to stave off withdrawal symptoms.

The second way to heroin addiction is a much longer road. It may start with alcohol abuse or marijuana abuse, or heroin could be the first drug of abuse (uncommon). The individual may take years to work their way toward hard drugs like heroin, or smoke the drug occasionally for a time and then develop an addiction when they begin to use needles.

No matter how it starts, one thing is certain: Heroin addiction that is untreated could end in an early death.

Heroin Detox and Addiction Treatment Can Start Today

If you are living in Santa Fe with a heroin addiction, don’t wait to find a heroin rehab program that will fit your needs. Our counselors are here to help you. Call now to get started.

Alcoholics Anonymous

505 Camino DE Los Marquez

Santa Fe, NM 87505-1837
(505) 982-8932


Life Link Training Institute

2325 Cerrillos Rd

Santa Fe, NM 87505-3373
(505) 438-0010


Santa Fe Recovery Center

4100 Lucia Ln

Santa Fe, NM 87507-3000
(505) 471-4985



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