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St Louis Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Find The Best Option Addiction Treatment Centers
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St. Louis is known as the “Gateway to the West”, and is symbolized by the city’s “Gateway Arch”. Alcohol and drug addiction has affected over nine percent of their citizens. St. Louis addiction treatment centers can help those who want to sober up, and recover, to get back to a healthy lifestyle.
What Happens During St. Louis Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

There are three primary components to almost every drug and alcohol rehab programs in the St. Louis area. First, there is detox. Detoxification helps cleanse the individual of the dangerous toxins found in drugs and alcohol. Once this process is complete, the individual is considered stable enough to continue on with counseling. Addiction counseling and therapy helps address the root causes of addiction, and teaches the individual how to respond more positively to the “triggers” that bring about this destructive behavior. Finally, to help the individual make a smooth transition back into daily life, there is aftercare. Aftercare programs help men and women address the many challenges that recovering addicts face on a daily basis once they complete treatment.
Finding an Addiction Treatment Program in St. Louis

There are a number of outstanding drug and alcohol treatment programs in St. Louis. To help find the most appropriate program, individuals who are living with addiction are urged to talk to their doctor or psychiatrist. These medical professionals have the expertise needed to match their patients with the most effective programs in the area. Also, calling an addiction helpline can have a huge impact on the individual’s ability to find rehab treatment. Through these call centers, the individual is able to talk to caring individuals who can help insure their safety and get them into treatment immediately.

Heroin is often considered a “hardcore drug” – where the use of “gateway drugs” like marijuana could lead. As it turns out, marijuana is not the only substance that can lead to a debilitating heroin addiction; prescription drugs can put patients on a path that ends with heroin addiction as well.

Is someone you love living in St Louis, Missouri with a dependence on heroin? Call us today to discuss their many options for heroin detox and addiction treatment.

Heroin Is the Focus of Drug Intervention in St. Louis, Missouri

Heroin addiction is again becoming a problem across the country, and according to the St. Louis police department, it’s a problem for St. Louis County as well. In some cases, addiction is starting when dealers give out free “samples” – often without telling the recipient that the drug contains heroin. When the user develops an addiction, it’s too late; they have to buy the drug from the dealer to avoid getting sick due to withdrawal symptoms.

In St. Louis County, 69 people died due to heroin overdose in 2011, more than in 2010, and the median age of the victims is getting younger and younger. St. Louis police report that teens who get in trouble for possessing the drug or acting out due to addiction often say that they first used the drug at a party while under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.

In an effort to address the heroin problem in St. Louis, city law enforcement and politicians gathered with experts from around the country for a town hall meeting. How will you deal with the heroin addiction that you or your family member is living with?

Heroin Rehab Is the Best Way to Fight Addiction

If you are ready to take the next step toward getting help for heroin addiction, we are ready to assist you. Call the number listed here, and talk to one of our addiction treatment experts about how to get started.

Alcoholics Anonymous

2683 S Big Bend Blvd # 4

St Louis, MO 63143-2100
(314) 647-3677


Assisted Recovery Center

6651 Chippewa St # 224

St Louis, MO 63109-2531
(314) 645-6840


Bridgeway Behavioral Health

1027 S Vandeventer Ave # 3

St Louis, MO 63110-3861
(314) 652-4200


Christian Hospital Recovery

11133 Dunn Rd

St Louis, MO 63136-6119
(314) 839-3171


Community Services Of Missouri

11736 Manchester Rd

St Louis, MO 63131-4614
(314) 984-9210


Harris House

8327 S Broadway

St Louis, MO 63111-3804
(314) 631-4299


New Beginnings C-Star

3901 Union Blvd # 101

St Louis, MO 63115-1130
(314) 367-8989


Provident Counseling

6555 Chippewa St # 150

St Louis, MO 63109-4111
(314) 533-8200


St Anthony’s Hyland Behavior

10018 Kennerly Rd

St Louis, MO 63128-2106
(314) 525-4400



8790 Manchester Rd

St Louis, MO 63144-2724
(314) 962-3456



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