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The abuse of prescription narcotics such as hydrocodone and oxycodone is a serious health concern across the nation. In the state of Mississippi, prescription narcotics are involved in approximately 95 percent of all drug overdose deaths. People often take them with the belief that because these medications are prescribed by a doctor and come from a pharmacy, they are safer than illegal drugs. With the abuse of prescription medications on the rise in towns like Hattiesburg, MS, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics is working to address the problem to the best of their ability.

Substance Abuse and Families

When an individual struggles with substance abuse, their actions affect their family. However, many times when the substance abuser receives treatment, other family members may not be involved in the recovery process. Often, the family as a unit needs recovery as well as. Below are some ways that the entire family can join the recovery process:

  • Join a support group and break the silence and isolation caused by substance abuse.
  • Learn how substance abuse affects both the individual and the family.
  • Understand what is and what is not your responsibility.
  • Learn to communicate in different, healthier ways.
  • Change behaviors that enable the substance abuser.
  • Use the recovery process to learn your family’s strengths and how to use them in the future.
  • Find activities that will help strengthen family relationships.
  • Anticipate relapse and be prepared to act when old behaviors return.

Help for the Individual and the Family

If you or someone you care about in Hattiesburg needs help getting free from substance abuse, effective addiction treatment is available. To learn more about the process of recovery, contact us today.

Dream Of Hattiesburg Inc

200 W Pine St

Hattiesburg MS, 39401-3825
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Oak Arbor Transitional Living

4497 U S Highway 49

Hattiesburg MS, 39401-9425
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Pine Belt Mental Healthcare

820 S 28th Ave

Hattiesburg MS, 39402-2601
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St Dominic Behavioral Health

6102 U S Highway 98

Hattiesburg MS, 39402-8551
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