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St Paul Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Find The Best Option Addiction Treatment Centers
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Opiate addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to successfully overcome; it is almost impossible to beat alone. In fact, it is not recommended for those living with an active dependence upon heroin or opiate painkillers to attempt to quit “cold turkey.” A medically supervised drug detox and long-term psychotherapeutic treatment are advised.

Don’t let opiate addiction continue to hurt your family in St. Paul, Minnesota. Contact us today to discuss your options for treatment. See also: Minneapolis Drug Treatment Services.

Heroin Cases Doubling and Tripling in South-Metro Counties

In Dakota County, cases related to heroin possession and trafficking doubled in three years. In Scott County, heroin cases tripled in the same time period. Why? The increased rate of narcotic painkiller prescriptions may be to blame. Even with a prescription and insurance assistance, these pills are expensive. They’re also hard to get in large amounts without triggering the concern of medical professionals and, in some case, law enforcement. Residents of St. Paul, MN who develop a dependence upon the drug often need something quick and cheap to take the edge off the opiate addiction withdrawal symptoms that characterize the addiction – and heroin fits the bill.

Unfortunately, heroin has been increasing in purity in the past couple of decades and remained just as inexpensive. It’s easy for those who abuse the drug to overdose, especially if they combine it with other substances. Even more disturbing is that young people who start their opiate addiction with leftover medications they find in the bathroom cabinet are becoming a larger percentage of the heroin cases that the south-metro counties are encountering.

Find Heroin Rehab for Your Loved One

Is heroin a problem for someone in your family who lives in St. Paul, MN? Don’t let another day pass without picking up the phone. Our addiction treatment counselors can discuss your loved one’s issues with addiction and help you find the right rehab for your needs. Call now.

African American Family Services

1041 Selby Ave

St Paul, MN 55104-6535
(612) 871-7878


Conceptual Counseling Inc

287 6th St E # 300

St Paul, MN 55101-1690
(651) 221-0334


Juel Fairbanks Chemical Dependency

806 Albert St N

St Paul, MN 55104-1303
(651) 644-6204


Meridian Behavioral Health Network

1706 University Ave W

St Paul, MN 55104-3614
(651) 645-3661


Model Cities Family Development Center

839 University Ave W

St Paul, MN 55104-4808
(651) 221-4442


Prairie St John’s

7616 Currell Blvd

St Paul, MN 55125-2290
(651) 259-9750



135 Colorado St E

St Paul, MN 55107-2244
(651) 489-7740



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