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Minneapolis Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Heroin is extremely addictive and harmful even in its first use. Those who end up in heroin rehab often report that their addiction started the first time they injected the drug or after only a few days of smoking it. The physical dependence can be debilitating and even without the psychological addiction, heroin detox and rehab are often the only way to walk away from the drug for good.

If someone you love in Minneapolis, Minnesota is fighting a dependence on heroin, don’t wait to contact us for heroin rehab information.

Heroin Addiction Makes a Comeback In Minneapolis, Minnesota

Heroin deaths were at a high in the 1990s but with an increase in education and prevention efforts, the numbers dipped over the past decade. According to the latest reports, however, heroin abuse and addiction are back and it doesn’t look good. In Hennepin, Anoka and Ramsey counties in 2011, heroin overdose deaths tripled from 2010 (from 16 to 46).

Part of the problem is that heroin is more and more pure. Heroin from the Twin Cities tests at 93.5 percent pure according to the latest results, one of the highest potency scores in the country.

Another problem is the rising rate of prescription drug addiction. Narcotic painkillers given for injuries or acute pain, and/or leftover prescriptions can be gateway drugs, getting users hooked on the active opiate ingredient. When the pills run out, heroin is often easier – and cheaper – to obtain, and it doesn’t take much of the new brand of street heroin to worsen an addiction or cause an overdose.

Heroin Rehab Is the Safest Way to Stop Abusing Opiates

Quitting heroin abuse abruptly when there is a physical dependence is not recommended. Instead, a medically supervised detox and addiction treatment are the most effective and safest ways to end addiction. Call now for more information about the choices in treatment for Minneapolis, MN residents.

Back to Minnesota Drug Rehab Listings.

Access Works

11 W 15th St

Minneapolis, MN 55403-2306
(612) 870-1830


African American Family Services

2614 Nicollet Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55408-1628
(612) 871-7878


Alcoholics Anonymous

2218 1st Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55404-3401
(612) 871-2218


Chrysalis & Tubman

4432 Chicago Ave # 1

Minneapolis, MN 55407-3521
(612) 871-0118



2823 Wayzata Blvd

Minneapolis, MN 55405-2125
(612) 374-0504


Eden Programs

2649 Park Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55407-1006
(612) 338-2158


Hazelden Foundation

800 Nicollet Mall # 700

Minneapolis, MN 55402-7028
(651) 213-4200


Health Recovery Center

3255 Hennepin Ave S # 100

Minneapolis, MN 55408-3470
(612) 827-7800


INSTITUTE On Black Chem Abuse

2616 Nicollet Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55408-1628
(612) 871-7878


Love Lines Crisis Center

2535 Central Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55418-4694
(612) 379-1199


Metro Hope Ministries

2739 Cedar Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55407-1236
(612) 721-9415


Minnesota Teen Challenge Academy

1619 Portland Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55404-1598
(612) 373-3366


Park Avenue Center

2525 Park Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55404-4404
(612) 871-7443


Prodigal House Inc

5103 Minnehaha Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55417-1686
(612) 721-8556


Progress Valley I

3033 Garfield Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55408-2984
(612) 827-2517


Recovery Resource Center

1900 Chicago Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55404-1903
(612) 752-8050


RS Eden

1025 Portland Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55404-1449
(651) 222-4488


Specialized Treatment Services Inc

1121 Jackson St NE # 105

Minneapolis, MN 55413-1665
(612) 236-1700


Turning Point Inc Headquarters

1500 Golden Valley Rd

Minneapolis, MN 55411-3139
(612) 520-4004


University Of Minnesota Medical Center

2312 S 6th St

Minneapolis, MN 55454-1336
(612) 672-6000



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