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Detroit was once one of the most pre-eminent cities in the United States – home to Motown, and the American auto industry, it is still the largest city in Michigan. With the closing of automobile plants and a depressed economy, it is regrettable that alcohol abuse and drug addiction is on the rise in Detroit. The addicted men and women of Detroit require help to conquer their addiction, and Detroit, Michigan rehab treatment centers will start by showing them a new sober life is available today.

Types Of Detroit Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment

• Inpatient – long-term drug abusers require more than a support group at first. They need certified quality medical attention to repair themselves. People who have lost all control of their lives need to be placed in an environment that can be monitored, and helped with withdrawals, and detoxifying their bodies. Counseling is crucial and, will benefit the patient’s emotions when trying to become a sober citizen again.

• Outpatient – There are some that only need a little help to detox and work their jobs at the same time. Out patient drug rehab centers can help you manage your program of recovery while not losing time at work, and can attend to family needs on a daily basis.

What Happens After Detroit Alcohol and Drug Treatment is Complete?

Even after the patient completes their treatment, a planned system of support is needed to help prevent them from going back to their life of using drugs. Alcoholics Anonymous (or Narcotics Anonymous) and group therapy are a very good combination of aftercare elements to incorporate into one’s life when trying to maintain sobriety.

Alcoholics Anonymous

4750 Woodward Ave # 407

Detroit MI, 48201-1300
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Eastwood Clinics

4777 E Outer Dr

Detroit MI, 48234-3241
(313) 369-5000 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Family Service Inc

10900 Harper Ave

Detroit MI, 48213-3364
(313) 579-5989 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Henry Ford Health System

1 Ford Pl

Detroit MI, 48202-3067
(313) 876-8700 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Life Challenge-Southeastern Mi

17667 Pierson St

Detroit MI, 48219-2520
(313) 531-0111 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Mariners Inn

445 Ledyard St

Detroit MI, 48201-2688
(313) 962-9446 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Ncadd Of Detroit

16647 Wyoming St

Detroit MI, 48221-2848
(313) 342-3606 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


New Life Home For Recovering

17131 Gitre St

Detroit MI, 48205-3161
(313) 245-8359 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


New Light Recovery Center Inc

300 W Mcnichols Rd

Detroit MI, 48203-2703
(313) 867-8015 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>


Surrender House

320 S. Luther

Detroit MI, 48217
313-673-6347 ID, 'rnklb_phone', true);?>



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