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The roads of Massachusetts are a hazardous place to be, thanks to rampant drug abuse and drug trafficking. Residents who abuse drugs and get behind the wheel are a hazard to themselves as well as to other innocent people on the road. Similarly, drug traffickers who travel through the state to deliver large quantities of illicit substances are also a danger to other drivers and residents of the state for other reasons. Many who traffic drugs use them as well and few will stay to deal with the fallout if they drive recklessly and get into an accident.

In Brockton, Massachusetts, families can begin to protect themselves by addressing the addiction issues of those at home. If your loved one often abuses drugs, he is taking his own life into his hands if he gets behind the wheel. Don’t let your family member continue to risk his health. Call now to find a drug rehab that can help.

Drugged Driving Is a Big Problem in Massachusetts

The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program is a program that pulls together the best efforts of all levels of government with the goal of combatting the issues related to drug trafficking across the country. In Massachusetts, Plymouth County is one of the counties highlighted by the New England HIDTA program, according to the White House Massachusetts Drug Control Update. The unique thing about the program as compared to other units across the country is that the New England HIDTA also focuses on strategies and law enforcement efforts to lower the high rate of drugged driving in the area. While drinking and driving has commonly been the focus of public service announcements, operating a vehicle after taking prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, or a combination of substances is just as deadly and HIDTA is hoping to help MA residents better understand the risks.

MA Families No Longer Need to Struggle With Untreated Addiction

If drugged driving has affected your family in Brockton, MA or if someone you love needs addiction treatment, we can help you find the right rehab program. Call now.

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Caritas Good Samaritan Med Center

235 N Pearl St

Brockton MA, 02301-1794
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Gosnold In Brockton

111 Torrey St # 3

Brockton MA, 02301-4800
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Habit OPCO

180 Centre St

Brockton MA, 02302-2733
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Teen Challenge Inc

1315 Main St

Brockton MA, 02301-7109
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