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Marijuana is often viewed as being a safe drug and many people will argue that this drug is not addictive. However, it is an addictive drug and there are many people who are battling an addiction to marijuana.

Unfortunately, when individuals begin to experiment with marijuana, or any other drug, they are usually not taking into consideration that there could be long term effects from using and abusing a substance. Marijuana is one of the most commonly abused drugs and is often used by young adults, especially college students. Since the drug is easy to obtain and does not cost much, it is one of the more common drugs that are used. People form an addiction and will end up needing some form of treatment to overcome the addiction.

Even when the addict recovers, they will still suffer from the long term effects of the marijuana addiction.

The extent and severity of these long term effects will depend on how long the person has been addicted to the substance and how often they abused the drug. Despite what the majority of the population believes marijuana is an addictive drug and does have many serious consequences, especially for those individuals who have been addicted to the drug for many years.

The Effects

Marijuana use will damage various parts of the body. Since the drug is usually inhaled, the lungs will be severely affected. Before the lungs are affected, the drug addiction will damage cells in the mouth and throat. This can make addicts more prone to developing cancer. When the smoke from marijuana is inhaled, it drastically increases the risk of developing lung cancer. This risk is much higher than that associated with cigarette smoking. The reason for this is because the carcinogenic hydrocarbons that are inhaled are much higher, sometimes five times more than what is inhaled when smoking a cigarette.

It is not uncommon for marijuana addicts to develop bronchitis and asthma due to repetitive use of the drug.

While these conditions can be treated and controlled, they will last for many years. It is possible for some asthma patients to outgrow the condition, but when it is developed later in life, it usually will affect the person for many years.

Smoking marijuana also places tremendous stress on the heart. The drug will increase the heart rate which can place the addict at a high risk for a heart attack or heart disease. High blood pressure is another long term effect that is caused from an addiction to marijuana.

Many individuals are not aware that marijuana will have an effect on the reproductive organs. Men will have low sperm counts and will have decreased levels of testosterone. Females may have trouble with ovulation.

Reducing The Effects

The only way to reduce the chances of suffering from any long term effects of an addiction to marijuana is to stop using the drug as soon as possible.

In many cases, the only way to beat an addiction is to seek help from a treatment center. These centers specialize in helping people overcome addictions. Since marijuana addiction is a common problem in society, there are many facilities that are specifically designed for the treatment of this type of addiction.

If the individual continues to abuse the drug, they will continue to increase the risks of having long term effects. There is no other way to reduce these chances. Any individual with a drug addiction should seek treatment to beat the addiction.

Treatment Options

When a marijuana addict realizes they have a problem, the will first have to agree to getting help.

There are many options available for people who are addicted to this drug, including inpatient and outpatient rehab as well as support groups. Many people believe that they will be fighting their addiction alone. By going to rehab, these individuals will be with other people who have the same addiction and are dealing with the same issues. Seeking treatment should not be shameful. Instead, it should be supported by friends and family members. When a person who is addicted to marijuana does seek treatment for their addiction, they will be taking a big step in life. This step can help prevent the occurrence of long term effects of drug abuse. It is always recommended that those with an addiction seek the professional help they need to successfully beat the addiction. This is the only way they will be able to lead a drug free life.


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