Identifying a Problem

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Identifying a Problem Addiction Treatment
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When a loved one has an addiction, it can be a very difficult thing to deal with and accept. Many people do not know how to help the individual. One of the things that can be done is to make sure people are aware of the signs of marijuana addiction.

If signs are known and then noticed, it may be possible to intervene and help the addict get the help he or she needs to overcome their addiction. One of the most important steps in the recovery process starts at the very beginning with the identification of the addiction itself. There are certain things to look for when suspecting marijuana addiction. These signs may be more evident in some people, while others may have developed a way to hide the signs from others.

Knowing the Signs

When a person has an addiction to marijuana, they will experience many changes in behavior. Many people will become very relaxed when smoking the drug and others will find the drug elevates their mood. Any change in the normal moods or behaviors of an individual is a cause for concern. The relaxation or the high may be followed by sedation and drowsiness. Some other things include heightened sensory awareness, feeling hungry, altered perceptions and euphoria.

There are also some physical signs that people should be aware of that could indicate that an individual is using and abusing the drug. These include dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, sleep appearance and dry mouth. These are the most common physical effects that using marijuana will produce. People who are using the drug will also experience depression, reduced coordination, impaired short-term memory and inappropriate laughing spells. In most cases, people addicted to marijuana will exhibit more than one of these signs, which is why it is important for others to know what to look for.

In addition to these, those who suspect an addiction should look for other signs that the drug is being used. This can include reduced motivation, anxiety, difficulty thinking, the presence of cigarette rolling papers and a strong smell on clothing, in a car or in a room.

Addressing the Issue

If a person believes an individual is addicted to marijuana, one of the first things to do is ask them. Some people will actually admit they have been using the drug. This may not be so simple with other individuals, especially those who are using more than one drug. They will want to hide the fact that they are addicted. These people can often become defiant and angry when the possibility of addiction is mentioned.

If a person does admit to using the drug habitually, there are many treatment forms available that will provide the individual with the help and support needed to overcome the addiction.

Beating an addiction can only be done when the addiction is admitted. Again, this is why it is so important for people to know what signs to look for. Marijuana addictions are very common and usually occur in young age groups, especially college students. The drug is very easy to obtain and does not cost much, so it is a drug of choice for many younger people.

Parents should talk to their children about drug use on a regular basis. If a parent suspects their child is addicted to marijuana, they may want to seek help from a doctor. Doctors can often refer the individual to counseling or a rehab program if they have an addiction.

Getting Treatment

While no addiction is easy to treat, marijuana is actually one of the simplest. This is because there are not many withdrawal symptoms associated with the use of the drug.

When a patient goes into rehab to battle their addiction, they may experience some symptoms, but they will not be severe or life threatening. Treating a marijuana addiction can take some time, but it is very likely that the rehab will be successful and the individual will be able to overcome their addiction.

Noticing the signs and symptoms that are associated with the use and abuse of marijuana is the first step to winning the battle. Many people will not even realize they have an addiction until someone else mentions the possibility. When people are aware of what signs to look for, they can identify the problem and help the person receive the treatment they need. In the end, this will allow the individual to recover from the addiction and lead a life that is free of drugs.


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