Does Your Loved One Need Treatment?

Klonopin is a common prescription for those living with anxiety or certain types of seizures. A very effective medication, Klonopin is also very easily abused and highly addictive.

If your loved one is living with a Klonopin addiction, it can cripple the entire family. Spouses, siblings, parents, extended family – it’s not easy to watch someone you care about fall under the spell of a drug like Klonopin, making poor choices that continually harm their health and well-being.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell whether or not your loved one is living with a Klonopin addiction that requires treatment.

When you express your concerns to your family member, the response is likely dismissive or even hostile. Yet, if your concerns persist, how can you tell if the changes you see caused by the prescription are of the nature of addiction or simply a side effect of your loved one’s treatment for seizures or anxiety?

If your loved one needs a Klonopin rehab program to treat his or her addiction to the medication, contact us today.

We can match you with a program that will provide the best care possible to help your loved one regain control of his or her life. These programs may include Klonopin detox, Klonopin addiction treatment, aftercare services and even sober living. Contact us today at the phone number listed above and get the information you need to help your family member.

Does Your Loved One Abuse Their Prescription?

It’s not always easy to tell if your loved one is abusing their prescription. It’s not necessarily something they will readily admit or that you will catch without a little investigation.

Does your loved one crush the pills before taking them? Does your family member dump pills into their hand without counting them and take them randomly? Does your loved one drink alcohol, smoke marijuana or take other pills along with their Klonopin prescription? Does your family member have two or more doctors who prescribe them Klonopin?

All these actions are abuses of a legitimate Klonopin prescription and signs of Klonopin addiction. If you notice these behaviors in your loved one, Klonopin addiction is likely an issue for them that requires medical and psychotherapeutic care at a Klonopin rehab.

Miss Work and Other Engagements Due to Addiction?

A Klonopin prescription should not interfere with your loved one’s ability to carry out their responsibilities and live a normal life. They should be able to attend work as they did before they received the prescription, be on time for events and engage with others socially at family functions. If their prescription seems to interfere with these activities, they can speak to their doctor and have their dose adjusted.

If your loved one chooses to continue to take Klonopin in such large doses that he or she can no longer function normally, then Klonopin addiction is a problem.

“Lose” Their Klonopin or Need Emergency Prescriptions?

A striking sign of Klonopin addiction is the frequency with which those who are addicted claim to lose their prescription, requiring an emergency refill. Though this can happen occasionally, it is not something that happens often to those who aren’t abusing their prescription. The reality is that many who are living with an active Klonopin addiction will claim to have lost their medication but actually have used up the prescription early and require more to maintain their addiction. If you notice that your loved one frequently ends up at the doctor’s office in need of an early refill or goes to the emergency room seeking more pills, it is likely that Klonopin addiction is an issue.

Have Problems Directly Caused by Their Dependence?

Any number of issues can be caused by Klonopin addiction and if you see your loved one struggling because the medication is controlling him or her, it can be a sign of an addiction requiring Klonopin rehab.

Some common problems that develop due to addiction include:

  • Constant arguing, separation or divorce from a spouse
  • Financial problems including bankruptcy, lawsuits and out-of-control bills
  • Legal issues
  • Psychological problems like depression and continued anxiety despite the medication
  • Loss of motivation, focus or goals for the future

Rehab Can Help Your Loved One Beat Addiction: Call Now

If your loved one is living with addiction to Klonopin, help is available. Contact us today to find a Klonopin rehab program that can help your loved one heal after Klonopin addiction.

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