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Louisville Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Find The Best Option Addiction Treatment Centers
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Chronic drug abuse can quickly turn into an issue of addiction – often before you realize it. In many cases, close friends and family members are the first to realize that something is wrong. In Louisville, Kentucky, the rate of drug and alcohol abuse is on the rise. If someone you care about is telling you that addiction may be a problem for you – listen. Acting on their words by enrolling in drug rehab may save your life. Call now to get started.

Drug Problems on the Rise in Louisville, KY

A 2011 survey revealed that drug use and abuse are on the rise in and around Louisville. It’s a problem that only the individuals and their families struggling with the problem can address effectively. The best way to do that? Drug and alcohol rehab.

When it comes to addiction and drug dependence, early intervention through treatment is always the better choice – but it’s never too late to get the help you need to heal. The benefits of drug rehab include:

  • Abstinence. The first step of any drug and alcohol treatment is to stop abusing the drug of choice. The goal is to maintain that abstinence long after rehab through ongoing aftercare support.
  • Coping skills. Learning how to deal with stresses and pressures of life without turning to drugs and alcohol is key to recovery.
  • Renewed opportunities. When maintaining drug abuse is the focus of every day, little else can be accomplished – especially the attainment of hopes and dreams.
  • Emotional processing. Emotional growth stops when drug addiction begins. Emotional growth can start up again during treatment.
  • Physical health. Physical health is damaged during drug abuse but physical benefits begin the moment you stop abusing your drug of choice.

Drug Addiction Treatment Can Help Louisville, KY Families Heal

If you believe that drug and alcohol addiction is a problem for someone in your family in Louisville, KY, don’t wait to contact us at the phone number here.

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COPES Council On Education

845 Barret Ave

Louisville, KY 40204-1743
(502) 583-6820


Morton Center

1028 Barret Ave

Louisville, KY 40204-1667
(502) 451-1221


Our Lady Of Peace

2020 Newburg Rd

Louisville, KY 40205-1879
(502) 451-3330


Seven Counties Services

600 S Preston St

Louisville, KY 40202-1716
(502) 583-3951


Seven Counties Services Inc

1935 Bluegrass Ave

Louisville, KY 40215-1145
(502) 366-0705



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