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Goshen Alcohol and Drug Rehab Listings

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Goshen is a small city, but boasts of some pretty notable achievements. The city hosts the second largest county fair in America, the Elkhart County 4-H Fair. This is hardly to be expected from a city the size of Goshen, but this is the case. Aside from this distinction, Goshen is also home to very good drug treatment facilities. Locals and those from nearby cities are more than welcome to enroll in the town’s rehab centers.

Drug Replacement Programs in Goshen

A person who opts for drug replacement therapy will be given medication in lieu of the drug they have become addicted to. For example, a heroin addict who chooses to enroll in Goshen drug replacement therapy won’t be allowed to use heroin once they begin the program, but they might be administered a drug such as methadone. It is similar in its effects, but slower acting and less addicting. The dosage of methadone administered will gradually decrease as the addict begins to be slowly weaned off of it. Instead of the patient having to quit an opiate cold turkey, they are given an alternate, less powerful drug in its place.

There a number of benefits to this approach. It can be less dangerous than forcing a long-term addict to quit using all at once, which can put their health and life in jeopardy. It also “quiets down” the withdrawal symptoms a person will likely experience, keeping them at a minimum and making them easier to deal with. Individuals that are addicted to opiates are typically best suited to receive drug replacement therapy.

Interested in A Goshen Drug Replacement Program?

Individuals who live in Goshen, or the surrounding area, who are interested in drug replacement therapy but don’t know how to find a facility, can contact us for help.

Oaklawn Therapeutic Foster

330 Lakeview Dr

Goshen, IN 46528-7000
(574) 533-1234



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