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Felony charges of trafficking methamphetamine and cocaine were incurred by two people near Pocatello, Idaho in 2013. About 52 pounds of methamphetamine and more than 25 pounds of cocaine were found in the arrestee’s car and seized during their arrest.

This is a huge amount of illicit narcotics and an unexpected find for state police. Neither of the people arrested were from Pocatello or even from Idaho, but the two were headed for the Midwest. It’s one of the biggest drug busts that local officers have seen in decades.

Many in Pocatello feel safe from the effects of the rampant drug abuse seen in other parts of the country, but the fact is that nowhere is safe from the problems caused by addiction. If someone in your family in Pocatello is living with a dependence upon any substance, including alcohol, don’t wait to get them the treatment they need. Call us today.

Levels of Treatment

Not everyone who struggles with drug abuse or addiction must enter an inpatient drug rehab. There are a number of levels of support provided through treatment services. Depending upon the issues facing your family member, they may choose instead to enroll in:

  • Support groups. Meetings with others who struggle with drug abuse can help your loved one get the support and accountability needed to remain sober.
  • Outpatient treatment. Personal therapy, family therapy, support groups, and holistic treatment can be scheduled around work or family commitments.
  • Sober living. Living in a sober home can help your family member avoid relapse.
  • Holistic therapies and treatment. Acupuncture, massage, nutritional counseling, and other options can aid your loved one in finding balance in recovery.

Pocatello was recently ranked as the 20th ‘Best Small Places for Businesses and Careers’ by Forbes Magazine. The fourth largest city in Idaho, Idaho State University is located in Pocatello. Effective and proven treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is a hallmark of Pocatello. Local drug rehab facilities have developed and perfected their programs, in part, by treating students enrolled in the college as well as local residents. There are many different Idaho drug rehab facilities to choose from to get help today.

Why a Pocatello Outpatient Rehab Program Can Be a Very Effective Form of Drug Rehab

Outpatient drug rehabilitation is ideal for individuals who have begun to abuse drugs or alcohol, but whose addictions are not yet severe. Persons who do not need to get off of the streets and away from negative influences in order to stay clean may benefit from an outpatient treatment facility as well. This form of treatment may also be a good choice for individuals hooked on drugs which are not physically addicting. Lastly, individuals with a great deal of personal responsibility, i.e., those with children, may find that outpatient rehab is the only way they are able to balance both their life and treatment.

In order for a Pocatello outpatient rehab program to be effective, it must be a good fit for the addict. If it is not, individuals most likely won’t get a lot out of it. In order to avoid wasting ones time and money, it is important to determine up front and pretty quickly if an outpatient program will provide a person with adequate care. If it won’t it is important to figure out which form of treatment will.

Need Help Locating A Quality Outpatient Rehab Program in Pocatello?

If you are a Pocatello resident or are considering relocating to the city in order to receive outpatient treatment, give us call. We can help you find affordable and effective care in Pocatello.

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