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Myths Busted Addiction Treatment

There are so many circulating heroin rehab myths and facts that are out there that it can sometimes seem to be very confusing as to knowing which ones are true and which ones are false.

However, there are ways that you can easily identify some of the truths and some of the myths that surround the rehabilitation from heroin. The reality is that heroin abuse is widespread in our country today, and according to recent expert estimates, it is nearly as popular as it was during its initial heyday of rampant usage, which was during the 1960s and the 1970s. However, there have been some landmark efforts and advancements that have been made with regards to treating those who are addicted to heroin in the present era. So allow us to take a look at some heroin rehab myths and facts, and let’s disprove the myths and reinforce the facts—so you can really know what to except, and what the real truths are.

The Relapse Rates are as High as the Success Rates

This entirely misinformed myth is easily debunked when you take a look at any drug rehab center for heroin, and see what their stat sheets are as far as success rates.

A simple search online can net you oodles of information regarding the success rates of rehabilitation from heroin, as opposed to the relapse rates. In fact, if you were to look at some rehab centers online and compare their rates to that of what the experts purport, you would notice some very similar numbers. To better educate you on what the truth of the success rates for rehab from heroin are, the numbers are greatly in favor of the addict who is being treated, to the tune of around 65-70%, depending upon what rehab center they seek treatment for their chemical dependency issue at, and depending upon the conviction and motivation of the addict to truly become drug-free. Additionally, relapse rates are far lower than success rates, which is great news! On average, on a national scale, most rehab centers for heroin bide very low relapse rates, ranging from 5-35%, depending upon the rehab center.

Inpatient Heroin Rehab Programs are Effective

This is a tried and true and easily provable fact: Inpatient residential rehab programs are the most effective method of treatment.

Contrary to popular belief, because many people seek more affordable outpatient heroin rehab programs, indeed, these are the most tried and true methods for treating addiction to this substance. In case you are wondering why, the answer is rather easily explained. Such inpatient programs, unlike other outpatient programs, entirely remove the said addict, or patient, from access to the drug; the most common reason why many addicts relapse in the first place, nobody is stopping them from getting more drugs. Even better, these inpatient programs incorporate milestone technologies, medicines and programs, and harness the power of trained medical and chemical dependency experts—utilizing a vast web of resources to effectively combat and treat those who are addicted to heroin.

Medical Insurance Won’t Help You with Rehab Costs

Another big myth that surrounds rehab from heroin is that your medical insurance will not assist you with any of the associated costs that must be encumbered, which can really add up depending upon what program and rehab center for heroin the addict chooses to seek treatment at. In fact, most medical insurance providers have clauses and coverage’s that are underwritten into most of their policies that cover some or all of the associated costs of substance abuse therapy and treatment.

If you are unsure if your medical insurance covers any of these costs, you can easily find out by taking a look at your coverage’s sheet, or by simply calling them up, or by looking up your plan online.

Revolutionary Programs Can Get You Drug-Free Fast

This is a fact. Most inpatient heroin rehab programs generally run about thirty days with around four to six months, or longer, of outpatient therapy and follow-ups. The reality is that within the period of just a short month you can break free from the bonds of addiction to heroin that has plagued you for so long. Considering that many people who abuse this drug have sacrificed years of their lives to its imprisonment, a month is a relatively short period of time to break free from this heroin addiction and regain control of your life!


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