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Treatment Costs Addiction Treatment
Addiction to heroin is a serious drug problem that knows many faces in the present day.

If you find that you are suffering from addiction to this drug, which is generally smoked and inhaled, snorted, or most commonly injected intravenously, there is hope at the top of the hill. Why at the top of the hill? Because combating an addiction to a substance that is as highly addictive as Diacetylmorphine is (the main chemical in street heroin), can be a tough road to travel for any addict. There are ups and downs. There are pitfalls that can be encountered, such as relapses and withdrawals, and the person who is addicted to heroin is considered to be a ‘recovering addict’ for the remainder of their lives.

Now don’t let that aforementioned statement frighten you from seeking out an effective drug rehab center—because the good news is that help can be attained, and you might be surprised how it can greatly change your life if you suffer from heroin addiction, or if you know a person that you love and care for who does. To better aid you in your quest for seeking out effective treatment options for addiction to heroin, let’s take a quick look at the heroin rehab guides associated heroin rehab costs, and what options that you have at your fore when it comes to choosing a program that will be most beneficial for you, or for someone that you love who suffers from this terrible affliction that destroys lives, family and our society as a whole.

Outpatient Programs

First let us look at what the costs and benefits are of a very popular method of treating addiction to heroin: Outpatient rehab programs. This method is, perhaps, the most affordable. This is because the program is an outpatient one that does not require a stay at a rehab center for heroin over a prolonged duration of time. So in a sense, you can save more money, but there are some things to consider here.

Most outpatient heroin rehab programs tend to run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands—depending upon where you choose to seek treatment for heroin addiction.

They generally involve several weekly visits, things like the buddy system for recovering addicts to gain support, and group therapy sessions that can greatly aid in getting to the root of the issue as to why the person chooses to destroy their body using a drug like heroin.

Inpatient  Treatment

Then there are heroin residential rehab programs—which generally offer the highest rates of success and the lowest rates of relapse. These programs are going to cost you a tad bit more than an inpatient rehab program for heroin, because they are more intensive in the approach to therapy and they generally require at least a thirty day stay in-house, or longer, depending upon the nature and the severity of the addiction, or how long the said person or drug addicted has been abusing the substance. As far as costs that are associated with these programs are concerned, they range vastly, but you can expect a number that hovers somewhere in the realm of 15k-45k US, depending upon where you choose to seek treatment, as all centers offer different programs and they all have different costs. But the success rates speak for themselves with these programs, since they remove the addict from access to the drug, or others who can provide them with the drug.

Most of these rehab centers for heroin that offer inpatient stays bode enormous success rates that range between a whopping 65-70%! The relapse rates for such rehab centers are low, too; around 10-25%.

Pros and Cons to Outpatient and Inpatient Heroin Rehabilitation

There are some upsides and downsides to both programs, as far as cost versus effectiveness. For example, while an outpatient program may cost less, the relapse rates are far higher, around 40%, on average, because it is up to the addict, or the patient, to empower themselves to remain drug-free. The pro would be that such programs are more affordable to most people. With inpatient therapy for heroin rehab, the costs are significantly higher, but so are the success rates, and the relapse rates are far less. No matter what program that you may choose to go with, getting on the fast track to treating an addiction to heroin can easily net you, or the life of someone you love, a sure means to breaking free from addiction and enjoying the freedoms and joys that we all deserve in this wonderful world that we inhabit.


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