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A Note About Insurance

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A Note About Insurance Addiction Treatment

Before considering the importance of Ecstasy rehab insurance, we should consider the history of the drug.

MDMA or ecstasy was first artificially made in Europe as an appetite suppressant drug but never desired for its side effects. MDMA is actually a psychoactive synthetic substance that is known for it hallucinogenic and stimulant effects. Ecstasy has the ability to alter an individual’s perception to time, space and distance. A lot of ecstasy users tell of the relaxing and pleasant effects of the drug. MDMA heightens a person’s senses of affection, love and kindness. This is the main reason why ecstasy’s abuse potential is high. MDMA is also known to suppress appetite and sleep, which is remarkably sought after by many university students. However, MDMA’s ability to lessen sleep and appetite and decrease fluid intake has resulted to dangerous conditions such as exhaustion, dehydration and deaths.

There have been numerous studies which revealed that regular recreational users of MDMA increases their risks of developing permanent brain damage that can be manifested by depression, memory loss, anxiety and other psychotic disorders.

Ecstasy may not be as widespread compared to marijuana and cocaine but its abuse record has indeed grown significantly through the years. Statistics made by law enforcement agencies revealed that ecstasy is one of the most smuggled drugs in night clubs across the country. MDMA is a common drug used in raves, rock, concerts, beach parties and night clubs. Current ecstasy abuse patterns reveal that MDMA is a popular night club substance used by many adolescents and college students. The recent statistics reveal that almost every city in the United States has this ‘ecstasy craze’ and the previous decade has seen increasing usage among senior high school students.

Rehabilitation Insurance

Ecstasy and other drug rehab programs offer life saving treatments for young men and women who have witnessed their lives thrown into trash as an unfortunate outcome of substance abuse.

Ideally, anyone gets diagnosed with a drug addiction problem should be promptly treated. The reality is something less upbeat though. There are around 22 million people across the country living with drug abuse problems and alcoholism. But only around 3 to 4 million seek professional help for their respective conditions. There are a lot of barriers for getting ecstasy rehab treatments but the most prevalent reason among many would be the rising rehab cost. Nowadays, there are numerous health insurance companies that help cover the cost of drug rehabilitation programs.

The total amount of rehab cost covered by an insurance plan will depend upon several factors. The type of health insurance coverage plan plays a significant role in cutting costs. If a client is enrolled under an HMO health plan, it can only cover a small fraction of the total rehab costs or maybe none at all. On the other hand, a PPO plan enables an individual to pay a lesser amount for the treatment (although it is more expensive to maintain every month).

What Does Treatment Cost?

The cost of ecstasy rehab may also depend on a client’s preferences, whether he or she wants to stay in a regular drug rehab facility or enroll in a luxury rehab program. If a nice outpatient facility is able to meet an individual’s treatment needs, then there is a good chance that the costs will be entirely covered by the health plan.

Just like any other medical insurance plan, a person with pre existing medical condition during their time of enrollment may not enjoy as much benefits compared to those who didn’t have any drug addiction history.

In some cases of ecstasy or other drug addiction problems, a person with a previous addictive behavior and history of relapse may find it difficult to receive coverage for the treatment. Make sure you review your plan with your health insurance company.


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