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Outpatient Programs Addiction Treatment

Depending on the severity of your drug addiction, you might not have to enter into a residential drug treatment facility.

Of course, for the individual whose addiction is so severe that it has involved intervention type methods from their family and friends to get them into drug rehab, a residential drug rehab program is going to be more effective. However, outpatient drug rehab does have its benefits for the right person.

At the very least, you can try outpatient drug rehab to see how effective it is for you before you think about checking into a full time facility.

Outpatient drug rehab costs are much less than live in drug treatment centers, so from an economic perspective you should see if outpatient drug rehab will work for before resorting to more drastic solutions. Outpatient drug rehab uses various techniques combined with a support system to help individuals stay clear of alcohol or drugs. Our drug rehab guides can explain a little bit about how outpatient drug rehab works:

What Happens During Treatment?

Like residential drug rehab, outpatient drug rehab involves both group counseling and individual sessions. With the support of your family, they will work with you to sort out the reasons for your drug addiction and help get your life back on track.

Outpatient drug rehab provides the patient forms of psychotherapy to help combat their addiction in addition to things like cognitive behavioral therapy, problem solving strategies, and twelve step programs. Psychotherapy works with the patient during the drug treatment process to discover how the addiction developed, and works from there to treat it. Many addicts develop drug addictions to fill something that is missing in their lives; once the reason is discovered they can take measures to solve it without the means of drugs or alcohol, as the case may be. Behavioral therapies and problem solving strategies help change responses of drug addicts in situations that lead them to substance abuse. And twelve step programs, of course, work as an important source of drug support and help the patient to not feel so alone.

Benefits of This Rehab Option

Just because outpatient drug rehab does not require overnight stays does not mean that it isn’t a serious or intensive program. On the contrary, outpatient drug rehab can be very time consuming and requires the patient to take it upon themselves to show up. In order for outpatient drug rehab to work, you must be motivated to make it work and allow yourself to be supported by friends and family.

Outpatient drug rehab works with the patient to schedule sessions on weekdays or weekends, mornings or evenings. They use educational forms of discussions to battle with the patient’s substance abuse problems and the patient is allotted the added benefit of remaining in his or her own home.

The outpatient treatments offered at a drug rehab encompass many facets, comprehensive, and highly personalized programs created to address the chemical dependency issues of patients as they remain in their own residences.

The treatments given in outpatient centers are often more educational in nature than therapeutic treatment. They provide assistance as the patient moves into a substance free lifestyle.


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