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Drug Rehab Myths Addiction Treatment

It is a common concern among addicts and substance abusers alike: What will rehab be like? For the vast majority, it will be an experience that serves to change their lives. Of course, mockeries of what rehabilitation facilities are like and what it’s like to be a patient in one have perpetuated a false concept of both over the years. Many worry that they’ll be forced to participate in group activities or therapy modules that only feed the anxiety they have about talking to strangers or speaking about themselves. Others have concerns over whether or not they can handle the difficulties that emerge when trying to get through detox. For many, they worry they may suffer from mental health issues that they aren’t ready to accept or confront.

Addiction is a persistent mental and/or physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. Symptoms of addictions range from shifts in one’s mood to physical side effects, including some of the following, per Helpguide:

  • Tolerance to the substance
  • Withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of use
  • Inability to control how much or how often you use a substance
  • More and more of your time and energy being consumed with thoughts of the substance and methods of accessing and using it
  • Loss of interest in things you once enjoyed prior to drug abuse
  • Drug or alcohol use negatively impacting your life, but you still can’t stop using

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Globally, there are around 17 million people fighting through life as alcoholics, according to eMedicineHealth. In addition, another 22 million over the age of 11 are struggling with drug abuse or addiction, per CNN Health. For many addicts and substance abusers, mental health plays a vital role in the development of their habits. In fact, the National Alliance on Mental Illness states that 53 percent of people with substance abuse issues also have at least one serious mental health problem, and another 37 percent battling alcoholism have one too. It’s impossible to say how many drug and alcohol addicts are not just avoiding treatment because of their addiction, but for an undiagnosed or consciously avoided mental health disorder, too.

While many who are battling drug and alcohol addictions end up in rehab, there are far more who never get the treatment they need. According to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, only one in every 10 persons addicted to drugs or alcohol get the treatment they need. One must question how many are avoiding rehab purely based on the false misrepresentations they’ve heard about it. People are accustomed to fearing the unknown, and there are many prominent myths surrounding substance abuse treatment facilities.

Myth #1: Recovery Is a Matter of Willpower.

Addiction is a chronic disease; it is not a matter of willpower. The truth is, if beating an addiction were easy, then all of the institutions offering professional help to nix addiction wouldn’t exist. The point at which many cross over from substance abuse to addiction is the point at which they cannot quit using on their own. To complicate matters, an undiagnosed illness like bipolar disorder or depression will make the recovery process that much more challenging. For most patients with mental health problems, beating their addiction is nearly impossible without also treating their illness. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 45.6 million American citizens had a mental illness in the year 2011.

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