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Different Types of Programs

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Different Types of Programs Addiction Treatment

Medical and psychological professionals may not have found a cure for drug and alcohol addiction but they are they absolutely sure about one thing – there is no one-size-fits-all drug rehab program that will effectively address the rehabilitation needs of everyone ever diagnosed with addiction.

Because every patient will require different therapies and treatments, there are a number of different types of drug rehab programs available to assist so that no patient must go without what they need.

Among the most common types of drug rehab programs are inpatient programs, outpatient rehab, traditional treatment, holistic drug rehab programs and religious addiction treatment. Each one offers different benefits and considerations to patients in search of drug addiction treatment.

If you would like assistance finding a drug addiction treatment program that will be able to help you successfully beat your drug and/or alcohol addiction program, contact us today for more information.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs are often considered to be the gold standard in drug rehab. They are the most comprehensive treatment available and have the ability to address medical issues related to detox and withdrawal symptoms as well as psychiatric issues related to co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety as well as the cravings that characterize addiction. Those who have been living with addiction for the long term will benefit from this style of treatment and those who have not been living with an addiction for very long may find that a 30-day stay at an inpatient drug rehab is what they need to wipe out the problem and start over.

Long term drug rehabilitation always has a better success rate in a residential treatment facility.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient drug rehab programs should provide a high level of therapeutic and psychological care to those who are struggling solely with drug and alcohol addiction.

In general, detox facilities and assistance with medical and physiological issues must be addressed separately if they are an issue. The patient is free to continue going to work or school or caring for dependent family members, but the outpatient nature of the program means that it is easier for patients to relapse. Though random drug testing is implemented to ensure the integrity of the program, this style of treatment is usually recommended to those with short-term addictions and to patients who have already successfully completed an inpatient program and are just seeking support in recovery.

Traditional Approaches

Traditional drug rehab programs are generally based on the principles set forth in the 12 steps and traditions. Because this program is universal, free of charge and community-based, many patients find it helpful to begin their recovery process by enrolling in a program that is fully based on these ideals. Some traditional programs offer nothing but 12-step ideology while others incorporate the principles into a unique course of treatment. Either way, patients benefit from these programs when they make the transition home and find that 12-step meetings are available in their community almost every day to assist them in staying clean and sober.

Holistic Recovery

Holistic drug rehab programs are evidence-based treatments that are receiving more and more attention from the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry because of their unique integration of Western and Eastern medicine.

Most holistic addiction treatment programs offer inpatient treatment that includes 12-step ideology, medical care, psychological treatment and alternative therapies like yoga, acupuncture, acupressure and more. There is a heavy focus on whole body wellness through proper nutrition, reframing of experience to the positive, gentle exercise and an honest introspective search for the authentic self. Proven highly effective in the long term, these programs are effective for any type of addiction because each patient experiences a treatment plan personalized to fit their unique needs.

Religious Models

Religious or Christian drug rehab programs offer all the same therapeutic and medical care options that traditional and/or holistic drug rehabs offer – depending upon their religious beliefs – but include a heavy emphasis on spiritual health and healing. These programs are especially effective for patients who were raised with the tenets and beliefs of a particular religion and feel a pull to go back to their roots in treatment. The specifics will vary according to each individual religion. Many Christian drug rehabs, for example, will heavily focus on 12-step treatment because of the influence of the “higher power” on the steps and daily life while Buddhist drug rehabs may include more Eastern therapies like meditation.

Find the Right Drug Rehab Program for You

If you would like to find a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program that will fit your needs and beliefs, contact us at the phone number listed above today. We can match you with a drug rehab that will address your individual experience with drugs, alcohol and other medical issues.

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