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Across the United States Addiction Treatment
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There isn’t a state in our great nation that does have a number of residents living with drug addiction within its borders.

Yet like the United States itself, there are a number of differences between the states in this regard – including the rates of drug addiction and the most popualar drugs of abuse within their borders.  The following is a selection of state-by-state information gathered by government researchers attempting to quantify our nation’s drug problem.

A Look at Rates Across the Nation

Anyone who believes that drug addiction will never impact the lives of their family and friends should take a long, hard look at the following statistics:

  • In California, there are over 5.5 million men and women who could be classified as binge drinkers.
  • Based on per capita data, the state of Hawaii has the largest number of crystal meth users in the country.
  • Although national figures are on the decline, the number of deaths related to cocaine addiction and cocaine abuse in Texas rose from 223 in 1992 to over 800 in 2009.
  • More than 10.5% of all high school students in Kansas reported having been drunk or high at least once during the school day.
  • Heroin addiction recently supplanted crack cocaine addiction as the number one drug problem in the state of Connecticut
  • Florida is home to a predominant number of prescription drug addicts – perhaps because the state is responsible for almost half of the illegal sale of prescription painkillers in the entire United States.
  • In Maryland, the city of Baltimore is home to a near epidemic of heroin addiction.  There are more heroin addiction cases in and heroin-related crime in this city than anywhere else in the United States.
  • With the rise of prescription drug addiction in Massachusetts, there have also been a rise in pharmacy break ins.  This is not uncommon, as individuals suffering from Vicodin addiction or OxyContin addiction will often do anything to obtain more of the drug – including engage in criminal behavior.
  • Statistics from the Iowa Department of Corrections found that crystal meth addiction related offenses were responsible for 62% of new prison admissions since 2004.

Treatment in the US.

The highest concentration of drug rehab centers can usually be found in highly populated areas such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.

Outpatient treatment facilities tend to be located within these cities – as individuals must be able to travel easily to and from treatment each day.   Residential drug rehab is more likely to be found in bucolic, quieter parts of the country such as Malibu, Palm Springs, upstate New York and other areas that provide isolation and inspiration as a result of the surrounding natural beauty of the area.  As a result, residential drug rehab programs in America tend to be more expensive than their outpatient rehab counterparts.

Getting Help

No matter where you live, chances are there is a professional drug rehab program in your area.   If your loved one is suffering from drug addiction (chances are they will be unable or unwilling to seek out help themselves) it is important to research different drug treatment programs in order to find the one most appropriate for your friend or family member.

Remember, it is only through professional drug rehab that long-term success overcoming drug addiction can be achieved.  Those who try to quit on their own will likely relapse somewhere down the road.


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