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Teen Issues Addiction Treatment
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The teenage years are rebellious by nature, as kids begin to test the limits of their newfound adulthood and their parents’ patience.

Teen drug addiction, however, is nothing to laugh about as it remains one of the gravest threats to the health and future of our children.   The following information is a review of important teen drug addiction facts, including what every parent should know about detection and treatment of the problem.

Who Is Susceptible?

Most families mistakenly believe that when it comes to teen drug addiction, “It won’t happen in MY family.”   Statistics suggest otherwise, as a majority of teens report having experimented with one or more drugs during high school (or earlier). 

There are a number of different factors that determine whether or not a teenager is more likely to become addicted to drugs, including:

  • Their peer group’s attitude towards drugs
  • History of addiction in the family
  • How the teen responds to stress
  • Past history of physical or sexual abuse
  • History of depression, anxiety or other mental health problems

What Are the Most Common Addictions?

The drugs most commonly abused by teens tend to come and go with the passing decades.   What was a common teen drug addiction in the 1980s may not be as “popular” among adolescents in 2011.   The following represent the most prevalent teen drug addictions as reported by treatment professionals at drug rehab programs for young people across the United States:

  • Vicodin addiction and OxyContin addiction.   Even as rates for many drug problems decline, the prevalence of teen prescription drug addiction continues to rise.   Increased access via the Internet, and a generally lax attitude towards the dangers of these prescription painkillers have made this one of the most important issues facing teen rehab professionals.
  • Marijuana addiction.  Teen marijuana addiction continues to be a problem, even though many so-called “experts” debate whether or not the drug is technically addictive.  Still, teens see their schoolwork and personal relationships suffer when they enter into the marijuana “culture.” Peer groups change as the teen immerses himself in a social circle that revolves around smoking pot.
  • Adderall addiction.   In high schools and college campuses, Adderall addiction is a growing problem.  Prescribed to help those with ADD perform daily tasks and stay focused, teens abuse the drug because of its stimulant properties.
  • Alcoholism.   In terms of teen addictions, alcoholism is still the 800-pound gorilla in the room.   Thousands of young people every day abuse alcohol, with many becoming addicted and putting their health and future well-being at risk.

Treatment Help for Teens

When a child is struggling with addiction, the time to talk to them about the drug addiction dangers of substance abuse has obviously passed.   The next step should include an intervention – where friends and family members gather together to confront the individual about the fact that he has a problem and that it is impacting everyone is his life. 

The goals of an intervention are to get the person to admit that they have a problem and get them into a teen drug rehab program immediately following the meeting.

Residential teen rehab offers detox, counseling, aftercare and other programs to help the teen defeat the physical and psychological addiction to drugs.  As a result, they will be able to get clean and sober, and learn how to stay that way in the face of stressors and pressure that may continue for the rest of their lives.


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