Long Term Effects

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Long Term Effects Addiction Treatment
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A drug addiction is the uncontrolled craving to use a drug. This addiction can lead to many other problems, some very severe.

Noticing the signs and symptoms of drug abuse and addiction is one way family and friends can help the person with the addiction. Even though the person may be told they have a problem, they will not just voluntarily stop using the substance. Drug treatment is an option only when the patient is ready to receive help. Unfortunately, this does not happen often enough. In most cases, the person will continue to use and abuse a drug until they are hospitalized, sent to treatment by the courts or die because of an overdose.

Drug addiction is one of the hardest things to battle. It not only affects the life of the addict, but it can have negative effects on everyone else involves in that person’s life.

When a person is addicted to a drug, their entire life will change. They will even appear to be a different person. The drug is controlling their life and not many other things will matter. People with an addiction will often lose their job, get into trouble with the law, alienate friends and family and become socially withdrawn. These are only a few of the possible effects that are caused by a drug addiction.

Drug Abuse

A drug addiction is just a bad after one year as it is after 20. The effects will begin to appear as soon as the person becomes addicted. They will go through many changes, behaviorally, emotionally, physically and psychologically. Many of these changes will be noticed by other people, but drug addicts will not often be involved in social events or settings, so it may be hard to detect at times.

When a person is addicted, they have no control over their life.

Marriages will be broken, children will be pushed aside, jobs will be lost, legal issues will be on the rise and the person will also suffer physical changes. The long term effects of drug addiction can be disastrous. In many cases, when a person continues to be addicted to a drug, they will add to that addiction. One drug will become two, and then three and so on. The addiction will be so far beyond control that there will seem like there is never a way to fix these problems. The effects of long-term addiction could result in death. Many people become severely depressed when addicted to a substance. Addicts often have a high suicide rate. In addition, they experience angry outbursts and acts of violence which could result in the loss on an innocent life. Obviously, drug addiction affects the lives of more than just the addict.

Drug Dependence

If a drug addiction is suspected by a friend of family member, they should try to discuss the issue with the addict. Usually this will have little or no effect. It is possible to seek out the advice of counselors and doctors, but in most cases, people on the outside will be of little help in battling an addiction. Unless the addict wants to get better, things will remain the same. Many addicts hit rock bottom before they even notice they have a problem. The bottom will be different for everyone. One addict may realize he needs help after killing a family in a car accident. Another may notice there is a problem when they are arrested again for stealing. No matter when the realization comes, these people will need serious forms of treatment to get on the road to recovery.

Battling the Habit

Since there are so many long-term effects, it may be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Even if the person gets drug treatment help, they may feel they can never undo the damage that was done over the years. With treatment, these addicts do have a chance at a new life. However, they cannot change what has already been done. They will have to learn to live with the damage they have caused. This can be done with the help of a treatment center. Addictions do not just go away. The person will always need some type of treatment to overcome the addiction and begin the healing process, one that may take many, many years.

The long-term effects of drug addiction can be severe, many times resulting in the death of someone. This can be avoided if the addiction is detected and the person gets the help they need to change their life and regain control.


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