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Withdrawal Symptoms

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Withdrawal Symptoms Addiction Treatment
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If you are living with alcoholism, prescription drug addiction, cocaine addiction, marijuana addiction, heroin addiction or other drug addictions, you can expect to experience a range of detox withdrawal symptoms when you begin treatment.

Your first step in drug addiction rehab will be to stop taking your drug of choice – within hours, depending upon your drug of choice and the severity of your addiction, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. These will begin with physical symptoms that start small and grow to include psychological, emotional, spiritual and mental detox withdrawal symptoms.

The good news is that when you choose an alcohol and drug detox center to assist you when you stop taking your drug of choice, you can get the guidance, support and medical assistance you need to heal after addiction. Are you ready to start your new life? Call us now.

Physical Issues

Physical detox withdrawal symptoms are perhaps the most feared aspect of any drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The discomfort can be intense in some cases, especially when you are recovering from opiate addiction (i.e., OxyContin addiction, heroin addiction, methadone addiction, et cetera) or alcoholism. Detox from these two types of addiction can be deadly when there are underlying medical conditions, and for this reason, it is never recommended that you attempt to stop taking these drugs without the supervision of a medical professional. Medications can be provided that can significantly diminish your experience of the physical detox withdrawal symptoms and, in some cases, shorten the length of your detox.

Psychological Concerns

The psychological detox withdrawal symptoms can begin along with the physical symptoms.

Cravings for your drug of choice are one of the hallmarks of addiction and half of the reason that detox and addiction treatment are so necessary for a true and effective recovery. Most of these withdrawal symptoms will be addressed after the bulk of your physical withdrawal symptoms subside. Through therapy, group meetings, alternative treatments and traditional ones, you can learn to identify the psychological detox withdrawal symptoms, trace them back to their root causes and learn how to deal with those root causes more effectively in the future. In this way, you learn how to live a life without drug and alcohol addiction.

Emotional Problems

Emotional detox withdrawal symptoms simply cannot be avoided during drug and alcohol addiction treatment. In fact, for the first year or more in some cases, many individuals have a difficult time processing through the torrent of emotions unleashed after years of numbing themselves with drugs and alcohol. Grief, depression, anger, joy, impatience, irritation, jubilation – it can be a roller coaster. Many individuals find that they have to re-learn how to control their initial reactions to the smallest things. Communication becomes exceedingly important, as does forgiveness and letting go of the unimportant irritations and hiccups that come with day-to-day life.

Spiritual Factors

Spiritual emptiness  is often suffered by individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Realizing this emptiness and feeling its negative effects is the heart of the spiritual detox withdrawal symptoms that you can expect. Many find solace in the religious/ spiritual nature of many addiction treatment programs, including the 12 steps and traditions. Giving up control of your life to a higher power and learning how to identify God’s will when you are at a loss for how to make good choices can be a great relief and solace during recovery.

Mental Issues

Memories come flooding back when you stop using drugs and alcohol.

Mental detox withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to navigate if for no other reason than they are as overwhelming and unstoppable as the emotional and physical detox withdrawal symptoms. Memories of trauma and hurtful things that may have propelled your addiction as well as guilt over the things you did to hurt people while you were using and/ or drinking can be hard, especially at a time when you are so vulnerable. Choosing a detox center and addiction treatment program can help you get through these detox withdrawal symptoms and find your way with the gentle support and guidance of staff members and peers who want only for you to succeed in your new life.

Beat Detox Withdrawal Symptoms: Call Now

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