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Many of those who are living in the grips of crystal meth addiction are usually loathe to admit that they have a problem of such magnitude that they cannot remedy it on their own.

Most brush off the concerns of family and friends by saying that they can stop whenever they like or they point out the perceived benefits of a higher metabolism or increased energy that allows them to accomplish more at work or school. The unfortunate truth is that there is a great deal of loss that comes with extended crystal meth abuse and addiction. In just a few months, a person’s entire life can change due to crystal meth dependence abuse – everything from their relationship status to their financial situation to their very appearance.

Almost 60 percent of occasional crystal meth users meet the criteria for dependent or addictive use, even though many of those same people describe themselves as casual users.

Crystal meth is a lethal drug and crystal meth addiction can kill every aspect of your life before it takes your mind or body over completely. The only way to fight it is to get the crystal meth addiction help you need to let go of the drug forever.

To Regain Your Education?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 5.5 percent of college students claim to have used crystal meth in their lives while about 2.5 percent used the drug in the year prior to the study.

Many students state that they used crystal meth to help them study for exams or to complete large projects on time. For some, this occasional abuse becomes a constant practice. With jobs, sports, extracurricular activities and schoolwork, many college students depend on crystal meth to give them the energy they need to stay awake to accomplish everything. The unfortunate result is that many “crash” after a crystal meth binge and negate all the progress they made in the few days they were awake because they are unable to get out of bed, attend class or get to work for days at a time. Ultimately, college crystal meth abuse can lead to being expelled or flunking out of classes.

To Keep Your Career?

In the same way, many young adults claim that the pressure put upon them at their entry-level jobs – lots of hours per week, high-stress assignments, low pay – makes them feel as if they can’t stop taking crystal meth. In addition to the physical effects and the “crash” described above, many often find that crystal meth abuse begins to take a toll on their mental health. Paranoia is a common problem among crystal meth addicts as are panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Many find themselves living with a drug-induced psychosis in addition to crystal meth addiction and dependence, and few manage to keep their jobs for long once problems of that severity are an issue. At this point you may need or want to find the appropriate drug rehab program for help.

To Save Your Family?

The personality changes, the mood swings that are often violent or aggressive, the inability to leave the house due to paranoia, as well as the days spent “tweaking” around the house followed by long crashes can take its toll on any relationship. Spouses who do not use crystal meth will likely have a problem with their partner spending so much time and money on the drug, and children’s lives can be destroyed by the crystal meth abuse of a parent.

In many states, possessing or using crystal meth around a child is described as child abuse, and arrest and convictions constitute grounds to remove the child from the home and/or terminate parental rights.

To Renew Your Appearance?

The before and after pictures showcasing meth users before they became heavily addicted to the drug and just a few months after regular use are astonishing. Skin becomes pockmarked, translucent and limp. Hair is lifeless and thinner. Even the facial structure and eyes seem to change after a relatively brief period of using the drug. Whether it’s the chemicals found in crystal meth or the fact that many users don’t sleep or eat correctly – or enough – while they are using, the change in their appearance is often as disturbing to the crystal meth user as it is to concerned friends and family. Stopping crystal meth use is the only way to begin the process of rebuilding your looks after addiction.

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