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Crystal meth is one of the most dangerous drugs available today due in part to how it is manufactured. Made by individuals in home labs using chemicals often found under the kitchen sink, there is no standard recipe and 1000 ways to mess it up.

This means that addicts could be injecting just about anything into their blood stream when using crystal meth. The health problems that can result are untold, but the most common are skin disorders, liver and kidney failure, respiratory issues, heart problems and more.

Another issue with crystal meth addiction is the difficult time that many have maintaining long-term sobriety after treatment. According to Statistics Canada (the most recent group to study crystal meth), the relapse rate is 92 percent among those who don’t take advantage of extended aftercare services after successfully completing crystal meth rehab.

Only 10 percent of those who need crystal meth addiction treatment actually get the support they need to overcome their addiction.

This is due in large part to the lack of crystal meth addiction information available. If you or someone you love is living with crystal meth addiction, contact us at Rehab International today. We can help you find drug rehabilitation centers that treat crystal meth addiction near you.

Information About Crystal Meth Addiction

Crystal meth is a drug that is not understood by a lot of the U.S. population.

While 11 million Americans over the age of 12 have reported trying the drug, according to the 2004 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the average American has less exposure to meth than they do to marijuana or cocaine. With a better grasp of what crystal meth is and what it does, people can make smarter choices about steering clear of the drug, and individuals may be able to better recognize when a loved one is struggling with crystal meth addiction.

Here is some basic crystal meth addiction information:

  • Crystal meth is a methamphetamine that acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system.
  • Crystal meth releases the neurotransmitter dopamine at high levels, which stimulates brain cells and enhances mood.
  • Regular users quickly develop a high tolerance to the drug, which can lead them to using greater quantities more often.
  • To deal with the withdrawal symptoms, many crystal meth addicts turn to other drugs.
  • A crystal meth high can last for as long as eight hours.
  • Crystal meth can be taken in a number of ways – by injection, orally, by snorting, or by smoking it.

Usage Info

Crystal meth is used by people of all ages and backgrounds, and its use is widespread. The statistics below come from the 2005 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

  • Over 500,000 people reported using meth in the month prior to the survey.
  • 1.3 million people admitted to using crystal meth in 2004-2005.
  • 5 percent of seniors in high school have tried crystal meth.
  • 3 percent of high school seniors used crystal meth in the last year.

Crystal meth addiction is an issue across age groups. The only way to fight it is crystal meth addiction treatment.

Health Effects

Crystal meth is a drug that can have very serious health consequences. Beginning quickly, after only short-term use, negative health issues slowly build and increase in severity  for long-term users.

Some of the health effects caused by crystal meth addiction include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Damage to the small blood vessels in the brain
  • Stroke
  • Inflammation of the heart lining
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Crystal meth users who inject the drug can have collapsed veins, infections in the heart lining and heart valves, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and liver or kidney disease.

With crystal meth addiction, death can occur instantly with an overdose or over a longer period of time as the body declines due to chronic use. Crystal meth users are less likely to seek medical treatment, especially if they have to pay out of pocket, because they’d often rather spend the money on their drug habit. This can leave them in serious risk.

Getting Help

Help is available for crystal meth users. Rehab programs, inpatient or outpatient crystal meth addiction treatment when coupled with aftercare services can lead the way to a healthy and happy life.

Contact a Rehab International expert today for more crystal meth addiction information.


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