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Crystal Meth Statistics

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Crystal Meth Statistics Addiction Treatment

crystal meth statistics

According to some of the most recent statistics and estimates by experts in the United States, the abuse of Crystal Meth (methamphetamines), also called Ice or Crank, or Speed and Tweak by the users, is out of control.

At last estimation, the numbers of those who were, or who are, addicted to this drug in the US have surpassed over one and a half million people. There are many crystal meth rehab statistics that are floating around out there, our drug rehab guides will let us take a look at a few of the most common ones to better understand why addiction to meth is a growing epidemic that must be diligently addressed.

Crystal Meth is considered by many professionals to be the ‘cancer’ of suburban and urban America and one that knows many faces—as people from all walks of life and of all age ranges and demographics are hooked on this very addictive substance.

First off the bat, Meth is unlike other street drugs like cocaine – dubbed the ‘love’ drug – or heroin, in the sense that is longer lasting than either of these two drugs, and more attainable. In fact, in many cities they bust a meth lab, on average, at least one time per day. Some regions are so bogged down by meth addiction running rampantly that they are unable to even prosecute all of the cases; and many times offenders get off without being prosecuted or placed into an effective meth rehab program. Another associated problem is that the drug lasts really long, one single hit off a meth pipe can keep a meth addict high for up to twenty four hours, unlike other street drugs, which tend to last a few hours when doped up. Lastly, prolonged abuse of meth leads to temporary psychosis, which alters the state of the mind of the addict, in many cases leading them to commit crimes that they would never normally consider when sober—just to get their next fix.

Current Treatment Statistics

The good news – after hearing about all the drudgery – is that there is effective and proven crystal meth rehab help that can provide wean meth addicts off this terrible drug. The statistics for success in such programs are vastly in favor of those who suffer from addiction to this drug. In case you are curious as to what the real numbers of success rates are for meth rehab, they range around 60-70%, there is also around a 10-30% relapse rate.

Topics of Interest


Inpatient Rehab: What to Expect

inpatient rehabIf you are addicted to meth, or you know a person that you love who happens to be, there are some really great crystal meth rehab options that you can choose to pursue that can greatly come to their, or your, aid. Inpatient rehab for crystal meth has been proven to be a timeless success in the long run. Such programs usually commit the meth addict to an intense, thirty day stay at a rehab center for meth—where they are tended to by trained and caring professionals. This is followed by aftercare programs and close monitoring to assure that relapse does not occur.

Outpatient Programs: Pros and Cons

If you are looking into outpatient crystal meth rehab programs, there are some pros and cons. A pro would be that it is a more affordable route of treatment. That is the only pro, in all reality. Since this drug is so addictive, outpatient meth rehab programs tend to have far less success rates. This is because the addict is not isolated from access to the drug, and therefore the relapse rates are much higher. Furthermore, there are no constraints on their life—so they can choose to get more drugs and break their program at any time.

How to Find out Information on Rehab

Addiction to meth is a serious disorder that can really wreak havoc and destroy everything that you care and love for, including your body.

If you know someone who is addicted to meth, or you suffer from addiction yourself, know that you are NOT alone! In fact, there are effective meth rehab programs that can really save your life. A great place to find out some useful and helpful information about how you can seek out effective treatment is by looking up rehab centers and statistics online. Or by calling local centers and help support lines so that you can take that first crucial step to becoming meth-free forever!


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