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Crystal Meth Myths and Facts

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Crystal Meth Myths and Facts Addiction Treatment

Our drug rehab guide explains how the widespread abuse of methamphetamines in the United States is comparable to that of cattle stampeding: It is simply out of control!

There are nearly two million persons that are documented to be addicted to meth currently, and the real numbers may never be known, as these are just based upon current statistics and estimates that are reported by emergency rooms and meth rehab centers. There are many crystal meth rehab myths and facts that are circulating out there as well. Seeing as this drug is so addictive, and the affects that it has upon those who are addicted are devastating, to say the least, the reality is that some of the myths and facts on crystal meth rehab can easily be confirmed or debunked.

This crystal meth rehab guide explains the seriousness of this drug is indeed very severe, especially when addicts can get high for much longer off a single puff of meth (which generally keeps them high for almost a full twenty four hours), as opposed to other drugs, like cocaine or ecstasy, that have far less lasting effects.

Additionally, addiction to this drug easily overtakes the mind and the person, and many people can become addicted after only even trying meth just one time! To better help you understand the importance and relevance of some of these crystal meth rehab myths and facts—let’s confirm and debunk several of them.

Relapse Rates Are Out of Control

Contrary to popular belief, that the relapse rates of meth are on the rebound and that effective rehab for meth is unattainable, the reality is rather quite the opposite.

Obviously, as with any drug rehabilitation program, there are ups and downs and factors that come into the equation: Namely the addict sticking with the program following their initial stay at an inpatient crystal meth rehab center. But in all reality, the success rates are rather astounding. According to recent crystal meth rehab statistic numbers, the success rates are vastly in favor of those who seek treatment for addiction to meth. In case you are wondering, most rehab centers for meth have incredible success rates that range between 60-70%, or higher. The relapse rates can vary from center to center and from city to city, but generally average out somewhere in the mid twenty percentile. This means that, indeed, success is attainable and achievable from breaking free from this addiction in the long run.

Inpatient Therapy is the Most Successful Method

A little known fact – for many people at least – is that the most successful method of rehab from meth is by admitting the addict to an inpatient crystal meth rehab center. This is because the rehab center that offers an inpatient program is able to better treat and address the issues of the addict by isolating them from the drug – or from others that they can easily get the drug from – during the initial phases of withdrawal, where most addicts will do anything and everything in their power to get more of the drug. Additionally, such rehab centers offer around the clock counseling, group therapy sessions and trained medical experts that understand the addiction and its effects, and that know how to get to the real root of the problem of crystal meth addiction: Why the addict is abusing drugs as a form of self medication.

Once You Get Off Meth its Clear Sailing

meth addiction relapsePerhaps the biggest myth is that once you are meth-free you stay that way forever. Many people will get off this drug and go without it for years, and then one day temptation peeks its head around the corner, and just one slip and they find themselves hooked on the drug again. In reality, it is similar to being an alcoholic—in the sense that once you have been addicted to meth you always are, and are considered to be, in recovery, or a recovering addict for the rest of your life. Paramount to this is that it does get easier over time, but the true power to stay meth-free lays solely in the hands of the addict and their motivation to empower themselves to not use this drug ever again, once rehabilitated.

There Affordable Methods of Seeking Rehab

There are affordable methods of treatment. In many cases your medical insurance may cover some or all existing costs or rehab from meth. There are also an abundance of grants and civic programs out there that can aid meth addicts by providing affordable treatment. Some employers and companies will even offer to foot some of the bill for meth rehab as well.


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