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Quick Facts Addiction Treatment

With so many crack addiction myths harming patients in search of crack addiction help, it’s important to make sure that crack addiction information gets equal billing.

Below are a handful of crack addiction treatment quick facts designed to give you the skinny on what you need to know about the risks of crack addiction and how crack rehab can help.

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Without Treatment, Health Problems Will Occur

It’s inevitable. If you keep smoking crack, you will experience a wealth of health issues. The specifics of those health issues will vary based on your age, the length of your addiction, your gender, the other drugs and alcohol you use and in what amounts as well the co-occurring psychological and medical disorders you live with. You may experience respiratory ailments, blood clot issues, brain damage, mouth and throat cancers, crack overdose, and liver and kidney damage, among other issues. Each of these has the potential to be deadly and to cause long-term chronic illnesses that are debilitating and expensive to treat in the interim.

Though crack addiction cannot reverse all of the damage done by long-term crack addiction, it can slow or stop the progress of many illnesses related to the disease. Over time, rehabilitation and medical care can make the chronic issues manageable and limit their effect on your daily life. Continued crack addiction, however, almost guarantees an early death due to related health problems or overdose.

A Chronic Disease that Requires Medical Treatment

Though it would be nice to simply snap your fingers and walk away from crack addiction forever, it is unfortunately not so easy.

Crack addiction alters the chemical reactions in your brain and creates permanent and semi-permanent changes to certain functions. A medical disease, crack addiction requires medical treatment complete with physiological and psychological care. It can be a long road back to health and balance. It is a road that is impossible to navigate without the assistance of substance abuse treatment specialists who know how to help you make the right choices along the way and teach you how to continue making positive choices that don’t include drugs and alcohol after you return home.

Treatment Can Help Mend Relationships

Those closest to you – friends, family and co-workers – will have a hard time watching the changes that will inevitably occur during your active crack addiction. You may have done specific things under the influence that hurt them or alienated them from your life, or they may have had to distance themselves from you to avoid the pain of watching you hurt yourself due to addiction. Either way, crack rehab can help you process the events that occurred during your addiction as well as the events that may have been traumatic or difficult prior to the start of your addiction. Learning how to accept responsibility for your part in these incidents and forgive others for their parts is huge in recovery – both will help you avoid relapse if you can continue to do it after treatment. You even have the opportunity of asking those you care about to attend therapy sessions with you so you can make progress toward healing your relationship and starting over now that you will be living a clean and sober life.

Rehab Can Assist You in Rebuilding Your Career

Crack addiction often deeply affects how people view you and when those you work with find out that crack addiction is a problem, it often isn’t long before you lose your job. Those who manage to keep the secret often find it difficult to perform their duties as well while under the influence. They are often late to work, call in sick, miss deadlines or seem “out of it” and unfocused when on the job. Depending on the job you have, this can risk your own safety and that of those around you. In all cases, it can cause the business to lose money.

Crack addiction treatment can help you work toward getting your job back or finding a new career. Returning to school is always an option and most crack drug rehab programs offer assistance in rebuilding your resume and practicing job interviewing skills.

Build a Whole New Life for Yourself

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