Tips for Success After Rehab

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Tips for Success After Rehab Addiction Treatment
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Whether you are addicted to crack or its more expensive cousin, cocaine, there are a number of things that you should – and shouldn’t – do when you successfully complete your crack rehab program.

Your success after crack rehab depends on your ability to maintain your distance from those who use crack, other drugs and alcohol, and to create a new life for yourself that is full of positive and interesting activities and goals.

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Make New Friends Who Are Not Dependent on Crack or Other Drugs

The friends you spent time with before you went to addiction treatment may have used crack right along with you – or they may have encouraged you to get the treatment that you needed. It should be simple enough to discern which friends are positive additions to your new life and which ones will only trigger you to relapse. The hard part will be following your instincts and maintaining your distance from those who are still actively using drugs and alcohol. Even if their drug of choice is not crack, spending time with people who are often under the influence can glorify your memories of using and make you forget the devastation that your addiction caused long enough to slip and get high again.

Instead, seeking out a positive support system and new friends in recovery is one of the best ways to increase your chances of success in crack addiction recovery.

Find a Home That Is Free of Addiction

Just like your friends must be supportive of your life in sobriety, so too must the people that you live with. If your house is the site of constant partying or the landing pad for those who like to get high, you will need to move out if you are to be successful in treatment.

Additionally, the people that you live with should be positive parts of your life. It is difficult to maintain your sobriety when you live with someone who is constantly arguing with you, irritating you or demanding too much of you. Instead, choose a home that is safe and, if you have roommates, make sure that they respect your sobriety and won’t contribute to a relapse.

Find a Job That Replaces Dependence

Most addicts will lose their jobs long before they enter treatment.

Though a few will be able to brush up their resumes during crack rehab and successfully interview for a new position before they leave the program, most will be starting at square one when it comes to finding employment. Though it may take some time and will often be frustrating, there is a job out there for you. You may choose one first based on its ability to give you the money you need and then later find a job that is more interesting to you or something that you would like to do as a career again or for the first time. It’s important to find something productive to fill your time. Just make sure you have the support you need when you bump into issues at work – it happens to everyone.

Explore Hobbies That Take Your Mind off Drugs

Many who are new to crack addiction recovery are at a loss for how to fill their time. Without spending every minute in constant pursuit of the drug, they find that their schedule is wide open. The best way to fill that schedule after you get a job and build a support network for yourself is to find new hobbies that interest you or revisit old ones.

Many opt to take classes at the community college in pursuit of new interests and, often, those new interests turn into the basis for a new job or career interest.

Getting Fit

Exercise and eating right are excellent ways to stay on top and heal from the negative crack addiction health risks.

After spending so long feeling sick due to drug addiction, many in recovery love to feel good in a positive way. Many begin running regularly while others start to lift weights with a personal trainer or learn more about eating right. Adding yoga and meditation to a regular exercise routine and a balanced diet will go a long way toward helping you build a happy and balanced life without drugs and alcohol.

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