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Crack is a highly addictive drug that has some unique characteristics.

According to Cocaine Anonymous, many crack addicts report feeling effects of the drug up to six months after their last use. This happens because the chemicals in crack remain present in the body and can be re-released into the bloodstream long after they are ingested. What this means is that crack addicts take months to recover from crack addiction because the drug takes months to completely vacate the body and stop affecting the brain.

Due to the unique nature of crack addiction, it is necessary for crack addicts to receive treatment help in order to be successful in their recovery.

If you are looking for a crack rehab near you, contact us at Rehab International today.

Physical Benefits Treatment

With all forms of cocaine including crack, 75 percent of those who use the drug will form an addiction, according to the CDC. This means that even those who think they’re trying crack casually may soon find themselves slipping into crack addiction. Once a serious addiction forms, there are serious withdrawal symptoms that can surface as well, making it a challenge to stop using the drug without crack addiction help.

Some crack addiction warning signs and withdrawal symptoms that may occur include:

  • Agitation and paranoia
  • Restlessness and nervousness
  • Fatigue or a depressed mood
  • Increased appetite
  • Nausea or other feelings of malaise

In drug rehab, addicts can detox off of the drug in a way that is more tolerable and diminishes their experience of crack withdrawal symptoms. Through medical monitoring, medications and counseling and support, crack detox is a much easier experience. Crack addicts who try to stop their drug use at home may find themselves returning to drug use when they can’t handle the symptoms.

Help and Emotional Support

Most addicts who use crack experience underlying emotional problems. These may be at the root of their drug use or it may be caused by their drug use; either way, getting psychological treatment is extremely beneficial. Without addressing these underlying or co-existing issues, crack addiction help may not be successful.

The following are some of the benefits of crack addiction help and treatment that you can expect:

  • Many crack users report using drugs to escape from something. If the addict is trying to escape from something specific – mental issues, social issues, trauma, abuse – then getting help for that issue can assist them in recovering from crack addiction.
  • The emotional stresses that arise when overcoming addiction and addressing the underlying causes can be shared with others who better understand. Having support from other crack addicts can help create a sense of belonging and addicts are typically more comfortable sharing with people who they know will not judge them since they can relate.
  • Counseling provides the opportunity to get professional help that crack addicts may not have had access to previously.
  • A support environment creates the opportunity to celebrate accomplishments and milestones during recovery, which can provide addicts with the strength they need to carry on with their recovery.

Rehab Options

There are a variety of different drug recovery programs that can help crack addicts overcome their dependency; no one style of crack addiction help is right for everyone. Crack addicts can choose from inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab, crack detox or addiction-only treatment programs, religious addiction treatment programs or holistic treatment programs. Many may be covered by your health insurance provider or offer financing options. Some of them are even free.

Of the 400,000 Americans who use crack, only 150,000 attend crack rehab each year. Don’t become a statistic. Contact us at Rehab International today to find out about your crack addiction help options.


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